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High level wave riding in all conditions! The 90 SEVEN offers a mix of classic surfing with a modern versatile wave board. Regardless of whether the waves are 30 cm or 3 m high, 90 SEVEN always provide controlled carves in the bottom turns and amazing cut backs.
The 90 SEVEN is a novelty for the 2017 season and the most versatile wave board in the GA Kites range. No matter whether you're a pro or just beginning to have fun in waves, the 90 SEVEN provides you all the speed and agility needed to vertically hit the lip in any conditions.

On larger waves fast rocker and forgiving shape boards allow you to maintain the speed and control in the bottom turn. While on smaller waves the same fast rocker and compact hull guarantee sufficient maneuverability to go vertical and throw huge amount of spray in the air.


  • Compact small wave performance
  • Large wave carving performance
  • Easy to use all-rounder
  • Classic turning performance


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90 SEVEN 5'8" 5'8" 17" 21 3x FUTURE M
90 SEVEN 5'10" 5'10" 18" 24 3x FUTURE L
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