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Girl is inflatable Stand Up Paddle board designed for women. It’s available in two sizes 10’1” and 10’7”. Recommended for entry level riders and girls who want to get into the sport. It offers amazing stability, durability and lightweight. The Girl mode is extremely versatile, which makes it the perfect companion for small wave surfing, touring, flat and choppy water paddling and long distance cruising.

Board comes in thruster fin setup for best control and stability in all conditions. Features comfortable and grippy, soft eva pad on the deck as well as decknet in front part to carry small items. Thanks to reinforced rails the board is stiffer, more durable and resistant to abrasions and damage caused by paddle or hard surface. Board is made in Double-Rail-Stringer technology. It is a solid construction optimised for longboard wave riding with the added comfort of extra volume and stability. If you are looking for versatile and reliable board to start paddling that will progress with you - Girl is perfect choice.


  • Thruster fin set up
  • Secure ‘lock in’ inflation valve
  • Moulded fin technology (10’1” and 10’7”)
  • Double layered rails to maximise stiffness
  • EVA pad on deck
  • Soft handle for convenient board carrying
  • Heavy duty leash attachment on nose and tail
  • Tall high pressure pump designed for ease of use
  • Comfortable heavy duty backpack with pockets for extra storage options
  • Easy-to-use repair set
  • On deck rope storage system

Set includes

  • 2017 GA Girl iSUP
  • Efficient pump
  • Capacipus and durable backpack
  • Repair kit


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IQ Girl 10'1" 270L 10'1" 32" 5"
IQ Girl 10'7" 285L 10'7" 33" 5"
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