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Windsurf sail GA-Sails Vapor Air 2024
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Prove through the years slalom sail created to compete in races from amateur competitions to the PWA. The uncompromising speed-oriented design meets the expectations of the most demanding riders.

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Unleash unparalleled slalom racing capabilities with the all-new Vapor, ensuring your status as a podium contender in every slalom competition.

Cutting-edge 3D design software enables designers to achieve maximum precision in the Vapor’s profile, optimizing draft and twist characteristics. An increased luff curve and reduced boom length provide a lighter feeling in the hands, enhancing acceleration and handling in jibes.

The Vapor also features a significantly increased profile in the bottom half of the sail and updated twist pattern for more release in the mid leech, optimizing power generation and efficiency. Featuring a 7-batten configuration across all sizes and a streamlined panel layout devoid of unnecessary seams, the Vapor offers exceptional lightness in your hands.

An updated sizing structure delivers the ultimate sail for all racing conditions, maintaining a compact range to seamlessly adhere to racing regulations. The newly introduced Vapor 5.3 and the 5.7 are now designed for RDM masts.

The Vapor empowers you with the perfect blend of power, controllability and speed, ensuring you dominate your local spot and emerge victorious in both national and international racing competitions.

Product highlights

Uncompromising performance

4 cambers, wide mast pocket, shape - all designed for aerodynamic perfection and maximum speed


The deep profile generates huge power to get you into planing quickly and reach an incredible top speed

Wide trim range

The Vapor is very susceptible to trim, so you will adapt it to a wide range of conditions

Easy rotation

The camber on the Vapor rotates easily and quickly, so jibes should be easy for the skilled rider


  • Integrated Batten Technology - All the battens above the boom feature Integrated Batten Technology for maximum symmetry and stability. This design choice optimizes the sail’s performance across a wide range of conditions
  • Continuous luff panel - Continuous luff panels ensure a strong and efficient load distribution
  • High Tension Profile - High tension in the Vapor’s profile provides controllability and profile stability in extreme racing conditions.
  • 4-cam Performance design - Four cambers enable the perfect mix between no-compromise performance and effortless batten rotation.
  • Adaptable Vapor quiver - All sizes from the new range are explicitly designed to match the corresponding board size in the respective conditions.
  • Cross Batten Concept - The cross batten provides perfect stability in the profile of the Vapor and a fixed center of pressure.


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Area (m²)Luff (cm)Boom (cm)Rec. mastBattenscamsExtension (cm)Vario topWeight (kg)
5.3405183400 RDM 19 IMCS7465,3
5.7424192400 RDM 19 IMCS74245,5
6.7464200430 SDM 21 IMCS74346,04
7.7495214460 SDM 25 IMCS74366,32
8.7528223490 SDM 29 IMCS74386,78
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