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Windsurf sail GA-Sails Pure 2024 Lager
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Pure unleashes the full potential of freestyle windsurfing and helps you defy gravity during the most radical rotations. Unleash your creativity with the freestyle Pure, use its power and control for all the tricks that pop into your head.

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A newly introduced 2-Ply construction provides a uniquely direct feeling in moves with loads of control and power, while maintaining a light and durable structure.

Ducking the Pure and loading up power for the next move is easier and more controllable than ever before, which boosts your progression in freestyle windsurfing.

A new one-piece mast sleeve leads to enhanced lightness and stretch for a precise shape and flex characteristics.

The Pure is designed for raw power to provide maximum pop, which translates into neutrality in the air during rotations. Know no limits and unfold your creativity in freestyle windsurfing with the most neutral and powerful Pure, we ever designed.

Product highlights


Pure is constructed to be as light as possible

Neutral design

When manoeuvring, the sail does not generate thrust, allowing easy rotation and ducking


Super easy to manoeuvre thanks to the agile 4 batten no-cam design


  • Extra Light and Durable 2-Ply - The 2-Ply construction provides the perfect combination of lightness, control and power
  • 4-Batten on all sizes - Lightness paired with profile stability in all sizes
  • Integrated Batten Technology - All battens above the boom are integrated into the overlapping panels for maximized symmetry and stability
  • Dacron Luff Panel - A Dacron panel next to the mast sleeve allows the Pure to load up tons of power for maximum pop
  • One Piece Mast slleve - The one-piece mast sleeve makes the Pure lighter and improves stretch characteristics
  • Compact Window Design - A more compact sail window provides great visibility, while eliminating unnecessary seams and interferences with other materials
  • Back to neutral design - The Pure’s design provides a neutral feeling in your hands especially during manoeuvers


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Area (m²)Luff (cm)Boom (cm)Rec. mastBattenscamsExtension (cm)Vario topWeight (kg)
4.0380148370 RDM 17 IMCS4102,92
4.4393156370 RDM 17 IMCS4243,06
4.8412160400 RDM 19 IMCS4123,2
5.2424170400 RDM 19 IMCS4243,36
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