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Windsurf sail GA-Sails Manic 2024 White
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Created for wave enthusiasts, the Manic combines modern design and performance, boosting your confidence for wave action. The Manic will give you powerful jumps, perform on bottom turns and allow you to perform cutbacks in all conditions, even the toughest. The 4-batten construction provides excellent manoeuvrability and stability.

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Crafted for wave enthusiasts, the Manic combines cutting-edge design and performance to elevate your waveriding experience to new heights.  

Whether you’re into jumping, waveriding, or tackling big waves, this sail is your ultimate companion.

Compared to the IQ, the Manic sail features more luff curve, making it a more stable and powerful concept. It excels in a wide range of conditions, from down-the-line wave riding to storm chasing, onshore waves and even a bit of freestyle.

This versatility makes it a top choice for riders who demand high-performance across various conditions.

The Manic represents a commitment to performance, durability, and versatility. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of jumping or tackling turns and wave moves, the Manic’s advanced features and thoughtful design make it the ideal choice for windsurfers looking to push their limits and embrace the full spectrum of wave windsurfing.

Product highlights

Profile stability

4-batten construction provides a stable profile for fast planing and control


Manic's advanced features and thoughtful design will excel in the full spectrum of wave windsurfing

Easy to rig

The sail design provides easy rigging so you will be able to get on the water quickly when you arrive at the spot

Lightweight construction

Manic's design is optimised for lightness without compromising durability


  • Integrated Batten Technology - All battens above the boom are integrated into the overlapping panels for maximized symmetry and stability
  • One-piece mast sleeve - The one-piece mast sleeve makes the Manic lighter and improves stretch characteristics
  • Compact window design - A more compact sail window provides great visibility, while eliminating unnecessary seams and interferences with other materials
  • Carbon radial tapes - Carbon tapes spread from the clew across the center of the sail for a stable profile
  • 4-Batten setup - Across all sizes, the Manic sail features a 4-batten skeleton, providing consistent performance and handling characteristics as well as providing the perfect mix of stability and lightness
  • Continuous Luff Panels - Two continuous luff panels ensure a strong and efficient load distribution


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Area (m²) Luff (cm) Boom (cm) Rec. mast Battens cams Extension (cm) Vario top Weight (kg)
3.0 320 137 340 RDM 14 IMCS 4 0 2,63
3.3 334 140 340 RDM 14 IMCS 4 0 2,71
3.7 351 145 340 RDM 14 IMCS 4 12 2,83
4.0 366 150 370 RDM 17 IMCS 4 0 2,9
4.2 377 155 370 RDM 17 IMCS 4 8 2,9
4.5 389 158 370 RDM 17 IMCS 4 20 3
4.7 398 162 370 RDM 17 IMCS 4 28 3,11
5.0 409 167 400 RDM 19 IMCS 4 10 3,21
5.4 419 172 400 RDM 19 IMCS 4 20 3,25
5.8 432 179 430 RDM 21 IMCS 4 2 3,44
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