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The Freetime is the perfect companion for schools and beginners taking their first exhilarating steps into the world of windsurfing. Designed for ease of use and durability, this sail is available in strong Dacron construction.

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With the Freetime GA-Sails aim to get more windsurfers on the water and ignite the stoke for the sport.

The Dacron construction is practically bulletproof, making it exceptionally resilient during challenging learning sessions. You can focus on perfecting your skills without worrying about sail damage.

Either 1, 3 or 4 battens, depending on the sail size, give the Freetime perfect balance of stability, weight and handling to make learning a breeze.

Being light, strong and functional, the Freetime will make you fall in love with windsurfing from the first session on.

This rig also works great on a SUP board, when cruising around and enjoying your time on the water.

Product highlights

Robust construction

Freetime is a very durable sail ideal for beginner windsurfers


Lightweight construction makes it easy to manoeuvre the sail and allows you to concentrate on positioning it in relation to the wind


The Dacron used guarantees durability in use for years


  • Progressive batten setup - The Freetime is available with either 1, 3, or 4 battens, depending on the sail size. This thoughtful design ensures a perfect balance of stability, weight and easy handling making learning a breeze for windsurfing newcomers
  • Bulletproof Dacron - The heavy-duty Dacron construction of the Freetime is virtually bulletproof. You can sail with confidence during those initial challenging sessions, knowing that your sail is built to withstand the rigors of learning
  • Light, strong and functional - The Freetime sail embodies the principles of being light, strong, and highly functional. It’s the sail that will make you fall in love with windsurfing from your very first session on the water.


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Area (m²)Luff (cm)Boom (cm)Rec. mastBattenscamsExtension (cm)Vario topWeight (kg)
1.0166122300 RDM 11.5 IMCS10TBA
1.5200120300 RDM 11.5 IMCS10TBA
2.0223121300 RDM 11.5 IMCS10TBA
2.5246137300 RDM 11.5 IMCS10TBA
3.0287154300 RDM 11.5 IMCS20TBA
3.5312157400 SDM 19 IMCS30TBA
4.0338160400 SDM 19 IMCS30TBA
4.5373169400 SDM 19 IMCS30TBA
5.0404176430 SDM 21 IMCS40TBA
5.5420185430 SDM 21 IMCS40TBA
6.0440193430 SDM 21 IMCS410TBA
6.5464200460 SDM 25 IMCS44TBA
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