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Windsurf sail GA-Sails Foxx 2024 White
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A special sail for children and teenagers, constructed in the same way as professional sails. The lightweight and strong construction makes the sail easy to handle and control, allowing rider to focus on enjoying the session.

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Designed to empower young windsurfers with the tools they need to excel!

The Foxx sail empowers young windsurfers to chase the wind, ride the waves, and embark on a windsurfing adventure filled with excitement and accomplishment.

It features an incredibly light but strong construction, which makes it the perfect choice for young rippers, who aim to push their limits on the water.

It’s a sail that can withstand the challenges of the learning process, but provides a user-friendly package together with the matching boom and mast.

With its combination of performance, lightness, and durability, the Foxx sail is the ultimate tool to foster a lifelong passion for windsurfing in the next generation.

Product highlights

Extremely light construction

An extremely light construction makes the Foxx the perfect choice for smaller riders

Heavy-duty construction

The tough construction of the Foxx makes it perfectly suited for learners and and young guns

Ease of rigging

Foxx needs less tension, that provides rigging couldn't be simpler


Foxx's design is created in a similar way to professional sails


  • Dacron and X-Ply construction - The Freetime sail utilizes Dacron and X-Ply in its construction. These materials ensure that you have the perfect sail to match your skill level and preferences, whether you’re seeking durability or enhanced performance
  • Light, strong and functional - The Freetime sail embodies the principles of being light, strong, and highly functional. It’s the sail that will make you fall in love with windsurfing from your very first session on the water
  • Youn Gun performance - The Foxx is engineered to provide the upcoming generation of windsurfers with a performance-oriented tool that matches their talent and ambition. It’s their passport to a world of windsurfing excellence.


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Area (m²)Luff (cm)Boom (cm)Rec. mastBattenscamsExtension (cm)Vario topWeight (kg)
2.2275116300 RDM 11.5 IMCS30TBA
2.5287120300 RDM 11.5 IMCS30TBA
3.0323138300 RDM 11.5 IMCS323TBA
3.5323147300 RDM 11.5 IMCS323TBA
4.0335162300 RDM 11.5 IMCS335TBA
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