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Windsurf sail GA-Sails Cosmic 2024 Blue

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Cosmic is a freeride / freerace sail with a sporty character. The two cam design increases profile stability and improve straight line control. The simpler construction compared to race sails makes rigging and jibing much easier.

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Experience the perfect harmony of low-end powerhigh performance, and the comfort of smooth jibes with the Cosmic, which seamlessly combines drive and acceleration of a cambered sail with the user-friendliness and jibing ease traditionally found in no-cam designs.    

The 2024 Cosmic features the newly introduced multi-material mast sleeve. This innovative design combines a 2-ply center section with traditional sleeve cloth, resulting in a sail that exudes a more sporty character.

This upgrade contributes to improved performance, ensuring you can push the limits like never before during your freeriding sessions. The integration of the proven Integrated Batten Technology leads to a smoother profile and symmetrical load distribution across the sail.

Whether you’re cruising effortlessly through calm waters or seeking the thrill of endless acceleration in strong winds, the 2024 Cosmic empowers you to reach new levels of performance and enjoyment during your freeriding sessions.

Product highlights

Power and performance

The Cosmic has a deep, stable profile, so it generates high, even power.

Stable profile

7-batten, 2-cam design provides a stable profile for great top speed and full straight line control

Easy to rig

The sail design provides easy rigging so you'll get on the water faster than your friends on fully race sails


The new Cosmic has a revised mast pocket design, giving it an even sportier feel


  • Dual Mini-Cam Performance Design - This design combines the performance characteristics of a racing sail with the convenience of two small cambers, ensuring effortless use and seamless batten rotation.
  • Multi-material Mast Sleeve - This innovative design combines a 2-ply center section with the traditional sleeve cloth, resulting in a more sporty character. This upgrade not only enhances the sail’s aesthetics but mainly contributes to improved performance, ensuring you can push the limits like never before
  • Cross Batten Concept - The cross batten ensures optimal stability within the sail’s profile and maintains a consistent center of pressure
  • 7-Batten Setup - All sizes of the Cosmic feature a 7-batten skeleton with 2 mini cambers. This configuration provides the sail with exceptional stability and performance characteristics, enabling you to harness the full power of the wind
  • Integrated Batten Technology - All the battens above the boom feature Integrated Batten Technology for maximum symmetry and stability. This design choice optimizes the sail’s performance across a wide range of conditions
  • Moderate Tension Profile - Moderate tension already leads to the perfect trim, which makes rigging of the Cosmic extremely convenient.
  • Race-inspired outline - The Cosmic sail features a race-inspired outline that includes a wide foot. This design choice enhances stability and control while maximizing performance, ensuring that you have a powerful and efficient sail at your disposal.


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Area (m²)Luff (cm)Boom (cm)Rec. mastBattenscamsExtension (cm)Vario topWeight (kg)
6.2441183430 SDM 21 IMCS72124,6
6.7458191430 SDM 21 IMCS72284,8
7.2473199460 SDM 25 IMCS72144,9
7.7485207460 SDM 25 IMCS72265,1
8.3499217460/490 SDM 29/25 IMCS7210-405,3
9.0514229490 SDM 29 IMCS72245,6
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