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GA-Sails Windsurf sail Vapor Air 2023
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GA-Sails Windsurf sail Hybrid 2023
  • 2-cam freerace sail
  • Great sail for intermediate riders
  • 7 battens provide profile stability
  • Shape and profile designed for great control and speed 
  • Easy rotation
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GA-SAILS Windsurf sail Cosmic 2023


  • Sizes: 6.2 / 6.7 / 7.2 / 7.7 / 8.3 / 9.0
  • Discipline: Freeride / Freerace

The Cosmic combines the low-end power and performance of a cambered sail with the user-friendliness and comfort in jibes, usually only no-cam designs can provide.

All sizes feature seven battens and two smoothly rotating small cams, which form a powerful profile that enables you to start planing incredibly early and in extremely light winds.

The race-oriented outline with a wide sail foot and continuous luff panels provide precise load distribution and overall performance in a huge wind range.

While the Cosmic sparks your urge to go faster more than ever before, it is still extremely convenient to rig and the rotation of the battens during jibes will fascinate you.

If you look for increased performance, but don’t want to pass on user-friendliness, the Cosmic is the perfect sail to accelerate your windsurfing session.


GA-SAILS Windsurf sail Cosmic 2023 - Dual Mini-Cam Performance Design

Dual Mini-Cam Performance Design

Performance of a race-oriented sail paired with two small cambers for ease of use and smooth batten rotation.

GA-SAILS Windsurf sail Cosmic 2023 - Cross Batten Concept

Cross Batten Concept

The cross batten provides perfect stability in the profile of the Cosmic and a fixed centre of pressure.

GA-SAILS Windsurf sail Cosmic 2023 - Continuous Luff Panels

Continuous Luff Panels

Two continuous luff panels ensure a strong and efficient load distribution.

GA-SAILS Windsurf sail Cosmic 2023 - Compact Window Design

Compact Window Design

A more compact sail window provides great visibility, while eliminating unnecessary seams and interferences with other materials.

GA-SAILS Windsurf sail Cosmic 2023 - Integrated Batten Technology

Integrated Batten Technology

All battens above the boom are integrated into the overlapping panels for maximized symmetry and stability.

GA-SAILS Windsurf sail Cosmic 2023 - C-FILM


To get the best possible colour for the longest possible time, GA have invested heavily in their film over the past season. The result is outstanding colour that won´t fade no matter what you do to it

GA-SAILS Windsurf sail Cosmic 2023 - X-PLY


The best in the business and the best for GA Sails. Designers have been working closely with dimension to ensure they have the toughest sails on the market including top of the line 4MIL X-Ply which is lighter and stronger than ever before.

GA-SAILS Windsurf sail Cosmic 2023 - Double Seam

Double Seam

This heavy duty reinforcement area through the windows on the wave sails gives solid durability at these critical areas.

GA-SAILS Windsurf sail Cosmic 2023 - Clew Area

Clew Area

Refined clew patch provides the ultimate in strength and durability. It also protects the stitching with the new styling features.

GA-SAILS Windsurf sail Cosmic 2023 - Reinforcement Batten Pocket

Reinforcement Batten Pocket

Light and durable reinforced area, to help protect against all types of wear and tear!

GA-SAILS Windsurf sail Cosmic 2023 - Vario Top

Vario Top

The GA Vario top will not slip. Designed for maximum performance the GA vario top is easy to use and strong enough for the PWA. With set and forget system that means you only have to adjust it once.

GA-SAILS Windsurf sail Cosmic 2023 - Vario Pocket + Vario Protection

Vario Pocket + Vario Protection

Vario Pocket - A simple pocket on the top of the luff sleeve allows to to store away any excess webbing from your Vario Strap. No more flapping Vario Tops in the GA Sails range.

Vario Protection - This little add-on for the top cap on the Vario Tops protects the adjustable webbing from breaking down from wear and tear on rough ground.

GA-SAILS Windsurf sail Cosmic 2023 - Rollup Leash

Rollup Leash

Quick, easy elasticated system that keeps sails roll up nice and tidy. Perfect when storage space is at a premium.

GA-SAILS Windsurf sail Cosmic 2023 - Tack Fairing

Tack Fairing

A redesign that makes the fold flow much easier. It is clean and just how it needs to be: Perfection!


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Size (m2) Luff (cm) Boom (cm) Mast length Mast diameter Battens Cams Vario top Weight (kg) Discipline
6.2 441 183 430 SDM 7 2 4.60 Freeride/Freerace
6.7 458 191 430 SDM 7 2 4.80 Freeride/Freerace
7.2 473 199 460 SDM 7 2 4.90 Freeride/Freerace
7.7 485 207 460 SDM 7 2 5.10 Freeride/Freerace
8.3 499 217 490/460 SDM 7 2 5.30 Freeride/Freerace
9.0 514 229 490 SDM 7 2 5.60 Freeride/Freerace
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