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GA-KITES Kitesurf Harness FORCE
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DAKINE Wahine Waist Harness 2016
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New harness Volt 2 doubles on protection and comfort. New outline gives you total range of movement with harness on. Big amount of support comes from GA 3D triangulated load bearing points which spreads loads over the entire support system. New users as well as experienced riders will be amazed by the comfort and support that Volt 2 provides. Double strap construction allows you to adjust harness easily and fast to your own needs. Style and revolutionary outline is what separates this harness from the rest.

EVA cushion is integrated inside harness to give you ultimate support and comfort. To spread the loads on Volt 2 new BUSB v2 system has been invented, it guarantees you entire load to spread evenly on the support system to protect your back more than ever! Harness comes with LQR function that allow you to disconnect you from kite in case of dangerous situation.


  • Great back support
  • Impact absorption
  • Amazing comfort
  • Easy strap adjustments
  • Gives full freedom of movement


  • SOFT-EDGE Technology
    No pressure and stress points, everything is padded with soft neoprene
  • 3D2
    The Double 3D shaping gives maximum support and integrates lumbar comfort
    A optimized shape and special material mix ensures best function for lumbar back area.
  • LQR
    The integrated Leach Quick Release offers more safety and keeps you out of potential trouble
    The next generation of the “Spring Loaded Bolt” offers maximum comfort on and off. Best ergonomic and function ever!


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