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GA-Wings Wing Cross 2022
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UNIFIBER Wing Aviator
  • Design optimized for super lightweight
  • ​Updated design in terms of performance and ease of use
  • No window for better profile stability
  • Delivered in compact backpack with wrist leash
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GA-Wings Foil wing Poison 2022


  • Sizes: 2.8 / 3.5 / 4.2 / 5.2 / 6.2 / 7.2

The Poison quickly established itself as one of the lightest and most balanced wings in 2021 and a completely redesigned shape and construction will further boost its performance in 2022. With an updated profile, reworked skin tension and a Kevlar line in the trailing edge, the Poison provides incredible dimension stability, speed and controllability in a huge wind range. The fast acceleration and great upwind potential will make it easy for you to return into the wave lineup and catch waves for exciting rides. Thanks to the repositioned LE-handle with neoprene protector, lightweight construction and more dihedral shape, the Poison follows you neutrally, wherever you go on the wave. These features are combined with a new Dacron from Dimension Polyant, which provides a strikingly stiff and light skeleton, which leads to a direct feeling and better pumping abilities.


  • STIFF AND COMFORTABLE HANDLES - Updated handles provide a great mix of comfort, rigidity and lightness.
  • REINFORCED PROFILE PANEL - Reinforcements in the profile panel add extra durability and resistance.
  • BLADDER FIXATION - Bladders are fixed inside the leading edge and strut to prevent slipping and damage.
  • SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION - No windows, no extra handles, but an incredibly lightweight construction to provide great wave and pumping performance.

GA-Wings Skrzydło foil wing Poison 2022 - DACRON FROM DIMENSION POLYANT


The new Dacron from the world’s leading manufacturer of sailcloth leads to a super stiff and light leading edge and strut skeleton.

GA-Wings Skrzydło foil wing Poison 2022 - TRIPLE RIPSTOP CANOPY


Extremely strong Triple Ripstop Canopy enhances GA kites’ tear strength and provides less water absorption and increased dimension stability together with the updated coating. This leads to the perfect mix of stability and lightness, which results in great flying characteristics.

GA-Wings Skrzydło foil wing Poison 2022 - KEVLAR ABRASION PROTECTION


Kevlar on the leading edge, strut and leading edge ends provide protection and durability.

GA-Wings Skrzydło foil wing Poison 2022 - SPEEDPUMP


Double Cross Section Connectors allow you to quickly and comfortably inflate your kite through one valve only. The uncomplicated, light and resilient construction of the connectors provides quick inflation, easy handling and safety one the water.

GA-Wings Skrzydło foil wing Poison 2022 - ONE-PUMP VALVE AND EXTRA DEFLATION VALVE


Clean connection and easy and quick inflation and deflation of the strut thanks to the new one-pump valve and extra deflation valve.


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Area (m2) Wingspan (m) Chord (m) Aspect Ratio Window Handles Additional handles
2.8 2.44 1.5 2.2 1 front, 2 back, 1 LE
3.5 2.73 1.69 2.2 1 front, 2 back, 1 LE
4.2 2.99 1.84 2.2 1 front, 2 back, 1 LE
5.2 3.32 2.05 2.2 1 front, 2 back, 1 LE
6.2 3.63 2.26 2.2 1 front, 3 back, 1 LE
7.2 3.85 2.41 2.2 1 front, 3 back, 1 LE
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