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  • Impressive stability and balance
  • Easy planning and performances
  • Extra comfortable and light
  • Huge wind range
  • Incredible upwind abilities
  • Fantastic jumping capabilities
  • Light and stable for perfect freefly sensations
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F-ONE Wing Strike V1

Sizes: 2.8 | 3.5 | 4.2 | 5.0

In the search for thrill and adrenaline, F-ONE have been looking to make a wing which not only will keep the heritage of the SWING in terms of lightness and comfort but which will be incredibly stable and offering great performances as well as huge wind range. From light to high winds, you will discover the full potential of the STRIKE. Thanks to its unique design and construction, the sensations on the water are unique.

The impressive stability of the STRIKE will make you forget about it when in freefly surfing wind swells. Each surface of the range has been optimized for their own programs:
2.8m + 3.5m for stronger winds and wave riding.
4.2m + 5m are designed to offer the best wind range according to the disciplines and levels

The STRIKE design is completely new with many innovations. The vertical panel layouts towards the trailing edge and the skin tension help control the cloth deformation and improve the overall profile. The leading edge has extra segments for a better control of the dihedral shape and its diameter has been optimized. The curvy but straight on the tail center strut design helps for an even better control of the deformation. Discover amazing sensations and transform your ride. Try the new STRIKE now.

Key features:

  • REACTOR VALVE - Fast inflation and deflation valve.
  • TECHNOFORCE - TECHNOFORCE of TEIJIN is a high density Polyester fabric with a tear stopping structure using thin and high tension yarn.


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Size (m2) Wind Range (knts) Maximum Pressure (PSI)*
2.8 25-42 11
3.5 20-35 10
4.2 15-30 9
5.0 12-25 9
*For more comfort and smoothness, inflate the wing 0.5 PSI less than recommended.
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