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FMX Windsurf board Veloce LTD (foil possible) 2020
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FMX Windsurf board Veloce GTS Freeride Foil
2649.00 € -24.92% You save 660.00 €2699.00 € -24.82% You save 670.00 €2599.00 € -25.01% You save 650.00 €
FMX Windsurf board Invictus 108 2020 108 1989.00 €
FMX Windsurf board Invictus 128 2020 128 2029.00 €
FMX Windsurf board Invictus 98 2020 98 1949.00 €
FMX Windsurf board Invictus 2020
2599.00 € -25% You save 650.00 €
  • Made for competitive slalom racing
  • Efficient in versatile wind conditions.
  • Good weight to strength ratio thanks to high quality carbon used in construction
  • Superior sail range made possible by the RTS cutout system.
  • All-new compact shape for increased control.
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Created by a six-time speed windsurfing world champion Finian Maynard, FMX RACING has designed one of the most technically innovative collection of EPS racing and freeride boards available. The 2020 Invictus models have been made for competitive slalom racing. Tested by FMX team riders Maciek Rutkowski and Thomas Goyard these boards have proven to be one of the most innovative windsurfing boards for competitive slalom and speed racing.

Invictus 74- Blazing fast, with an impressive wind range, this competition speed board has it all. Based upon the experience gained from multiple world records and world titles, the Invictus 74 is ideal for gaining direct access to the adrenaline associated with going fast on flat water. The new cutout design creates rail pressure to ride the fin through the lulls in lower wind speeds and at the same time trims smooth and stable with excellent acceleration when in hardcore conditions.

Invictus 88 - Loads of control, solid and stable in a wide variety of conditions, and with the speed to blaze a trail. This board perfectly suits smaller riders and women, or those sailors looking for high top speeds with big sails in flat water. With superb glide through lulls and effortless control, while ultra jacked, the Invictus 88 is the ultimate high-wind slalom weapon of choice!

Invictus 98 - The design mandate here was to create a high-wind slalom board that behaved with more stability in the often difficult gybing manoeuvres associated with strong winds, coupled with increased overall stability and speed to enhance the racing experience on the water. This board offers explosive acceleration in the gusts with an unlimited top speed potential.

Invictus 108 - The all-new 108 is a 70cm wide ‘small-medium’ model with a wide wind range and excellent top speed with control on all points of sail. One of its features is an increased rail and fin pressure which helps maintain excellent tracking characteristics, Invictus 108 is ultra-stable and has a direct feel in a wide variety of sailing conditions.

Invictus 118 - An excellent choice for those who want an ‘all-rounder’ medium board to cover a big wind range. Top speed, control and stable grip in the gybes, the 118 does the job.

The Invictus 128 is the small brother of the successful 138 and follows exactly the same technical design style, packaged into an 81cm wide outline. This light-wind slalom board offers power through the 7-knot lulls with extra glisse and ease, whilst simultaneously being able to handle 20-knots of wind with stability and control, this all-new design has it all. Whether sailing on mirror flat water or in the mountainous chop of the North Sea, the Invictus 128 will stay predictable and stable under your feet.

Invictus 138 – This light-wind slalom board Power through the 7-knot lulls with extra glide and ease, whilst simultaneously being able to handle 20-knots of wind with stability and control, this design has it all. Whether sailing on mirror flat water or in the mountainous chop of the North Sea, the Invictus 138 will stay predictable and stable under your feet.


  • All-new dedicated speed outline for increased control overpowered and better early planning capabilities for bigger sails when underpowered. (INVICTUS 74 ONLY)
  • Refined dedicated speedsailing scoop-rocker line for explosive acceleration and top-speed. (INVICTUS 74 ONLY)
  • Reverse Vee bottom shape – Generous vee and double concave configuration in the nose to clear the chop and create a smooth ride, transitioning to less vee and dc in the tail for reduced drag in the wetted surface area for ultra-high-speed bursts and acceleration. (INVICTUS 74 ONLY)
  • V3 Vector Cuts’ – All-new adjustable straight line cutout design that facilitates clean and effortless water release. Removable plates – The next level in terms of performance and range.
  • RTS – Range Trim System – 100% carbon/high-density PVC core-removable cutout plates – Significantly increases the range by 20% of all slalom and speed models – Plates in results in ultra-early planing and increased control of the nose trim in overpowered conditions – Plates out and feel the instant burst of acceleration and top speed in the normal wind ranges.
  • All-new Deep deck concave design – More stability in the now flatter standing area with the front foot after the gybe improves the planing and acceleration away from the mark. New design quick transition deep recess around the mast box increases downforce and nose trim stability at high speed and lift/fin drive at low speed for all sizes.
  • Tuttle Strong Box – Double the carbon content, double the wall strength and stiffness, and built with a 100% high-density PVC sandwich body. The result – fins stay tight and the box holds the direct feeling performance even after prolonged use. Invictus 128 and 138 feature Deep Tuttle Box.
  • All-new compact shape for increased control overpowered, earlier planing, better glide and increased acceleration away from the gybes. (EXCEPT INVICTUS 74)
  • Invictus 88 do 138- Refined all-new scoop-rocker line for easier handling, explosive acceleration and top-speed in both flat water and choppy conditions. (EXCEPT INVICTUS 74)
  • No fin included


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Model Size (l) Length (cm) Width (cm) Finbox Fin Range Sail Range Weight (kg)
INVICTUS 74 229 52 Short Tuttle 23-29cm 4.7 – 7.0m2 5.0
INVICTUS 88 235 61 Short Tuttle 29-33cm 4.7 – 7.0m2 5.8
INVICTUS 98 235 63 Short Tuttle 30-34cm 5.4 – 7.0m2 5.9
INVICTUS 108 235 70 Short Tuttle 35-39cm 7.0 – 8.6m2 6.5
INVICTUS 118 235 72 Short Tuttle 36-40cm 7.0 – 8.6m2 6.7
INVICTUS 128 228 81 Deep Tuttle 40-46cm 7.8 – 9.2m2 7.2
INVICTUS 138 228 85 Deep Tuttle 42-48cm 7.8 – 9.6m2 7.6
  • Weight tolerance is +/- 6%
  • Hull weight does not include adjustable cutout plates
  • Hull weight includes 12 extra single footstrap plugs (8 for straps, 4 for cutouts). This adds 100g so keep this in mind when comparing weights.
  • For Foil Tuttle Strong Box option add +200g
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