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Foil bag Unifiber Blackline Hydrofoil Bag
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Wing foil quiver FBC Travel Bag Rad V2 (Balz Müller edition)

After several trips with wing foil gear, the FBC team knew there was plenty of room in the market for an amazing product and this is where their FBC Travel Bag comes into play. The designers wanted to create a bag that was secure, compact, lightweight, packable and handy. After many hours of designing, redesigning and refining, the FBC team is very happy with the final product.

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You can fit three wingtips (up to 4 in small sizes), one complete foil with alternative front and rear wings, all bolts and nuts, and a board in the FBC travel bag. Made from durable 680D nylon, FBC Hex-Tech material and 10mm protective foam, this bag is made to tour the world with you. It pairs perfectly with the FBC Day Bag.


  • 680D nylon on the sides bottom and stern and waterproof FBC Hex-Tech on the top combined with 10mm protective foam. This combination guarantees lightweight and great protection for your gear
  • The 'HD' shoulder strap makes it easy to carry and will easily support the weight, stuffed to the brim of the quiver. When you arrive at your destination, you can use it to tie the case down so it takes up less space
  • The triple, convenient carry handles make it easy to carry the cover-up the stairs, pack on trolleys or a roof rack. Positioned so that it takes as little effort as possible to maneuver a quiver full of gear
  • Removable sheet with pockets for individual foil components. Pockets for the two front wings, 3 stabilizers, you have, fuselage. Also equipped with a mesh pocket for all screws
  • Padded handles for maximum comfort while carrying
  • Tightening straps inside the cover allow the board and sheet to be rigidly secured to the foil
  • You can fit up to 3 or 4 wings on top of the bag. All your equipment fits into one bag for safe and easy transport


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Size Volume (ltr) Height (cm) Width (cm) Weight (kg)
S <80ltr 165cm 75cm 3.7kg
M 80 – 100ltr 175cm 80cm 4.3kg
L 100 – 125ltr 195cm 90cm 4.98kg
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