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Wing leash FBC Rad Wing Waist (Balz Müller edition)
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Wing leash FBC Wing Leash & Karabina

The Wing Foiling Waist Leash for the FBC wing is a real Swiss Army Knife. It can be clipped to your belt in a number of ways with the wing, as well as with an additional board line. The included swivel snap hook can be attached to one of the loops on the sides of the belt. Alternatively, you can attach it to the HD cord that extends from the back for maximum freedom!

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Apart from the many possibilities of attaching the leash, one of the main advantages is the possibility of swimming with the wing. The leash attached to the wrist strongly restrains the movements of the hands. Freeing your hands makes it easier to swim out of the rapid or into deeper water. Sometimes simple ideas make the biggest difference.

Small/Medium: 24'' - 36''/66-91cm

Large/XLarge: 36'' - 44''/91-112cm


  • Strap 40mm wide with neoprene padding
  • HD Buckle on front for easy fastening and adjustment
  • Dyneema loops left and right
  • Braided trapeze cord style for easy and convenient attachment of the cord
  • Equipped with a snap hook with a swivel and additional security
  • Special dyneema line with elastic core guarantees comfortable use - reduction of sudden jerks and risk of leash rupture
  • Double wing attachment - standard to the loop on the main tube and in addition to the handle on the leading edge
  • Strap and cable work perfectly together


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