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Wing leash FBC Wing Wrist
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Wing leash FBC Wing Waist

Inspired by wing foiling pioneer Balz Muller, the FBC Wing Rad hip le ash features a vibrant colour palette inspired by his iconic style. This leash is a versatile tool that offers multiple configuration options.

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With the included swivel carabiner, it can be attached to one of the loops located on the left or right side of the belt. Alternatively, it can be attached to the HD strap extending across the back for unparalleled freedom and flexibility. What's more, it can even be used to attach a leg lanyard to the HD strap at the back, transforming this belt into a versatile wing and board lanyard.

In addition to its incredible versatility, one of the key benefits of this RAD waist belt is its suitability for wingfoiling. When attached to the waist, it frees up the arms, making it easier to navigate surf lines and similar challenges. Sometimes it's the simple innovations that really make a product stand out.

Small/Medium: 24'' - 36''/66-91cm

Large/XLarge: 36'' - 44''/91-112cm


  • Strap 40mm wide with neoprene padding
  • HD Buckle on front for easy fastening and adjustment
  • Dyneema loops left and right
  • Braided trapeze cord style for easy and convenient attachment of the cord
  • Equipped with a snap hook with a swivel and additional security
  • Special dyneema line with elastic core guarantees comfortable use - reduction of sudden jerks and risk of leash rupture
  • Double wing attachment - standard to the loop on the main tube and in addition to the handle on the leading edge
  • Strap and cable work perfectly together


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