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  • Sizes: 76 / 82 / 89 / 99
  • Model: 2018
  • Type: Wave

The Fanatic Stubby represents the benchmark of a new style of windsurf shapes! Radical looking yet super easy to use, it surprises with speed, planing stability and a different sensation in the waves. This year the line got extended to four shapes from 76l to 99l. Excited? You should be.

Fanatic introduced this exciting parallel rail concept with its super compact length into the windsurfing world in early 2015, after a secret and intense year of R&D. Soon the market followed and jumped on the train, but the success and feedback on the fully developed, finely tuned Stubby showed that this was something people wanted! Everything is easy on the Stubby; speed and early planing, control and slashy turns. Its characteristics open up the potential to learn all of the latest moves, and with a new sensation for almost every style of wave conditions it has an incredibly wide range of use. Try it to believe it, then you’ll realise what all the fuss is about!


  • New Stubby 82, 89 and fine tuned 76 and 99
  • Straighter, more parallel rails for reduced drag and a cleaner waterline
  • Short and wide ›Stubby-Nose‹ – reduction in boards length – for reduced swing weight, fast change of direction and rotations, as well as easy recovery from steep re-entries or jumps
  • Wide double diamond tail for planing power Tail-channel for extra drive and control
  • Reduced centre width for speed and a straighter rail flow
  • Trim and stance moved backwards in order to adapt to the board’s length, tail width and rocker line
  • Larger Trifin set matching the board’s wide tail for incredible lift, drive and upwind ability
  • Constant V with slight double concave for easy and controlled planing, and comfort in choppy conditions
  • Full rails for stability, thin tail for grip and radical turning
  • Slight tow-in side fins and channel edges for ideal water flow with minimum drag
  • High Performance TE construction in Biax Innegra Carbon (BXIC)


The Stubby comes with a different feel to the Grip. It’s super controlled planing capabilities and upwind abilities are exceptional, which makes the Stubby the top choice for those days where you’re not expecting much. If it’s small and onshore the Stubby will be your joystick to score a top session when others pack up and go home. The super wide tail has a totally different way of turning when compared to the Grip. It’s snappy and skatey, and turns with a more back footed style. The clear guidance of the parallel rails cut through the chop like a knife, opening its horizon to bigger and better waves with your rising level.



Unique Biax Innegra Carbon Light Finish Technology has proven to be the ultimate construction for Wave- and Freestyleboards. Last season, Fanatic took the initiative to take the next technical step by introducing this new and exclusive high-end fibre finish into all TE models, meeting the highest demands of their World Cup Team.

Set includes

  • Fanatic Stubby TE board
  • Set of fins
  • Set of 3 Footstraps
  • Screws
  • Sail sticker


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VOLUME (l) 76 82 89 99
WIDTH (cm) 55 56 57.5 60
LENGTH (cm) 212 214 215 218
FIN 2x SlotBox 13cm + Centre US Box / 2x Choco Fins Revolt 12cm + 1x 17cm RTM Green 2x SlotBox 13cm + Centre US Box / 2x Choco Fins Revolt 12cm + 1x 17cm RTM Green 2x SlotBox 13cm + Centre US Box / 2x Choco Fins Revolt 12cm + 1x 18cm RTM Green 2x SlotBox 13cm + Centre US Box / 2x Choco Fins Revolt 12cm + 1x 18cm RTM Green
SAILSIZE (m2) <5.3 <5.8 <6.2 <6.5
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