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Viper Soft Deck 2020

Being one of the most popular windsurfing boards for beginners and the choice of over 200 windsurfing schools worldwide, the Viper is what you’re looking for when starting your windsurfing adventure. Excellent stability and surprising speed will make the process of learning very easy and enjoyable. Upgraded to perfection the Viper 2020 will be your trustworthy companion through the beginning stages of the sport.


  • SOFT DECK - Durable Soft deck makes the Viper forgiving and takes away the pain – ending above the rail for longevity when stored and pushed into racks
  • COMFORT - Carrying handles for easy transportation
  • RETRACTABLE DAGGERBOARD - Daggerboard makes the board stable in light winds and can be retracted into the board for high winds and planing performance
  • PULLED IN TAIL - Pulled in tail makes it easy to master gybe.
  • FOOTSTRAP OPTIONS - Multiple footstrap settings for great versatility as you progress
  • POWERBOX - Powerbox allows larger fins to be used as progress is made towards planing
  • LONG MAST TRACK - A long mast track ensures the Viper offers maximum range as your level improves


HRS HIGH RESISTANCE SKIN – Thickness and durability of the outer skin makes the hull extremely solid and resistant to collisions Thanks to its tactical use of fiber reinforcements, High Resistance technology creates a durable and stiff construction perfect for everyday use.


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Volume (l) Length (cm) Width (cm) Weight (kg) Finboxes Included fins Recommended sailsize (m2)
160 275 75 11.87 POWER BOX VIPER 34 cm + Dagger < 10.0
190 280 80 13.16 POWER BOX VIPER 34 cm + Dagger < 10.0
220 285 85 14.13 POWER BOX VIPER 34 cm + Dagger < 10.0
240 290 91 15.13 POWER BOX VIPER 34 cm + Dagger < 10.0
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