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FANATIC Windsurf board Blast HRS 2020
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Grip TE 2020

Fanatic reshaped the 2020 Grip TE models making it the most versatile wave board they ever created. Subtle changes have been made to the outline, tail, width and bottom shape to give the rider even more freedom and control while still maintaining its speed and accessibility. The Grip TE will help you unleash your true potential no matter the wave.


  • NEW SHAPES - New Shapes throughout the entire Grip range with improved wave performance and added sizes 86, 92 and 102.
  • FIN OPTIONS - Extremely versatile with multiple fin options and a shape designed to work both as a quad and tri-fin, even in the biggest sizes.
  • BOTTOM SHAPE - High top speed and excellent comfort in chop, thanks to the double concave/V bottom shape. Increased V in nose section lifts rails for better turning and response on the front foot
  • FLAT DECK - Flat deck, great for stability in lighter winds.
  • PREMIUM FOOTSTRAP - Comfortable and easy to adjust Fanatic Premium Footstraps
  • FOOTPAD - Grippy and shock absorbing dual density diamond grooving footpads


BXIC - BIAX INNEGRA CARBON LIGHT FINISH TECHNOLOGY – Designed especially for Wave and Freestyle boards the innovative Biax Innegra Carbon Light Finish technology is a perfect combination of stiffness and flexibility. This combination of super wide and precisely placed Carbon and Innegra fibers has been introduced to every 2020 TE model.


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Volume (l) Length (cm) Width (cm) Weight (kg) Finboxes Included fins Recommended sailsize (m2)
68 220 54 5.97 4x SLOT BOX 2x Choco Fins 9 cm, 2x 14 cm < 5.0
75 222 56 6.38 5x SLOT BOX 2x Choco Fins 9.5 cm, 2x 14.5 cm < 5.3
82 224 58 6.57 5x SLOT BOX 2x Choco Fins 9.5 cm, 2x 14.5 cm < 5.8
86 225 59 6.76 5x SLOT BOX 2x Choco Fins 9.5 cm, 2x 14.5 cm < 6.0
92 226 60 7.00 5x SLOT BOX 2x Choco Fins 10 cm, 2x 14.5 cm < 6.2
102 228 61 7.35 5x SLOT BOX 2x MFC TF Black 12 cm, 1x 19 cm < 6.5
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