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Important information about EASY SURF Shop work in April - MORE
  • Designed for freeride windsurfing
  • Available in various sizes (100,110,122,135,156)
  • Compact Outline ensures stability and speed while planing
  • Flat deck shape ensures great stability at both high and low speeds
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Gecko HRS 2020

Accessibility is what Gecko is all about. Designed to grow with its rider, this freeride board is well-balanced and forgiving when first learning to plane while also being swift and extra smooth during gybes after you progress. Thanks to its compact outline incorporated with a wide and thin profile the board is stable at rest and fast and enjoyable when planning. The sizes 122, 135, 148 have been updated with a wider and more parallel outline causing the board to gain speed more effectively. Slim rails and tail width will help with maintaining speed when maneuvering.


  • FOOTSTRAP OPTIONS - Footstrap options for progression; from first time in the straps to advanced
  • LARGE PLANING SURFACE - Large planing surface to get you through lulls and gybes with ease
  • NEW SIZES - New 122, 135 & 148 models, retuned for even better speed, acceleration and early planing Thin rails
  • THIN RAILS - Very easy carve gybing with thin rails and wider tail HRS HIGH RESISTANCE


HRS HIGH RESISTANCE SKIN – Thickness and durability of the outer skin makes the hull extremely solid and resistant to collisions Thanks to its tactical use of fiber reinforcements, High Resistance technology creates a durable and stiff construction perfect for everyday use.


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Volume (l) Length (cm) Width (cm) Weight (kg) Finboxes Included fins Recommended sailsize (m2)
100 239 66 8.10 POWER BOX CF Spirit 36 cm < 8.0
110 239 72 8.61 POWER BOX CF Spirit 38 cm < 8.5
122 242 77 9.34 POWER BOX CF Spirit 40 cm < 9.0
135 246 79 9.65 POWER BOX CF Spirit 42 cm < 9.5
148 250 83 10.37 POWER BOX CF Spirit 46 cm < 10.0
156 252 85 10.63 POWER BOX CF Spirit 48 cm < 11.0
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