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Vegas Twin is the pleasure-board that tremendously helps you to learn and to improve all important freeriding techniques. This board is sportive enough to make you happy as an advanced rider. The application of two short fins provides essential advantages. In shallow water reduced draft is necessary for relaxed surfing without fear of mean catapult overthrows. Not only learning the beach start will be more child‘s play. Thanks to its short fins you will control your Vegas Twin even in high wind situations without having to fight against capsizing tendencies or annoying spin-outs. Perfect control on every course and in all conditions allows you to experience a wonderful speed performance. The two fins gain upwind height with easy and they remarkably improve the turning qualities at all curse ratings. Variable strap positions allow you to set up the board convenient to your actual skills. In this solid and durable construction, the Vegas is an absolutely user friendly board.


  • Short and wide body freeride concept
  • Flat rocker-line for early planning
  • Double concave in the front area for a smooth ride
  • Harmonic rails and a flat V in the tail area for easy jibing
  • Tail-winger concept on the two bigger sizes
  • Variable strap positions and new footpad surface
  • Twin fin system
  • Wood sandwich technology construction for stability, low weight and affordable product price


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Finally enough wind write a short review, but first of all, thanks to the guy of Easy Shop. Nice Price, no problem with payment, no problem with delivery and no problem with the equipment == >> Top service ! …therefore I “accept” the BIG logo in the surfbag, I understand that marketing has rules…  …and in any case the quality of the the bag is nice. The board: F2 Vegas Twin 156 lt; Less than 10kg weight, no defect and very nice finishing, reassuring feedback of robust construction The ride: Gaastra Matix 7.5 (I’m 120kg…) , 17.20kn side shore, flatwater in the bay and big long waves outside. Not a radical day but enough to have fun for an old school “experienced” surfer. 30 min to get the right feeling with the “Short and wide body freeride concept” of the board and to understand the different distribution of the volume (compared to my old JP x-Cite the volume is more in the back). I centred the mast and the board has flown out of the water fluency. From that point the main sensation was top control of the board in every condition (top speed, chop, jibe, bump&jump, ecc…). After a few hours of pure fun I can confirm the advertising: The board is very very easy to lead and this gives high confidence , the more you push the more it comes, always stable, no overthrow sensation, no spin-out and comfortable even on hard chop. In conclusion the board is very nice, probably there are some more extreme boards the can perform better raising upwind or top speed, BUT my goal was to have pure fun and I’m very happy with the choice. …I will see during this season if the sensation of a board that is always easy under control will be transformed in more speed ad faster jibes…
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