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The Ride is the perfect board for the whole family. Whether you are a rookie, an intermediate or an advanced freerider – this board will satisfy everyone. The Ride provides the security and stability that you need to learn and improve all the basic skills and manoeuvres in an easy way. It‘s fault forgiving, makes it simple to go upwind or start planning early and accelerates to a remarkable speed. Thanks to its solid technical construction the Ride puts away the one or other misstep or fall with easy. In the bigger version Ride even can be a little SUP. All this qualities make your Ride to be the ideal companion on your way up.


  • Flat rocker line for early planning in stable riding position, easy going upwind and rapid speed
  • Bottom shape with double concave V for smooth shock absorption and best comfort
  • Soft harmonic rails and round wide tail with flat V for fault forgiving maneuver characteristics
  • Variable strap positions for both learning and advanced sportive riding
  • Footpads with perfect grip and soft straps give comfort and board control
  • Light board weight


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Nice and easy board. Didn't want to spend 2000Euros, I looked for a cheaper option as I windsurf 100% recreational only.
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