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Inflatable windSUP board STX Hybrid Cruiser 10'8 with paddle
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Inflatable windSUP board Exocet Discovery 10'9 10'9

Whether you're navigating calm, glassy waters or riding at your small local wave break of a lively coastline, this inflatable stand-up paddleboard is designed for people of all levels of experience to savor every moment by the waterfront. The versatility of this model allows to use it as a wind SUP or kayak

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"Discovery" is a name that has historically been synonymous with research vessels and exploration craft, embarking on epic journeys into uncharted territories. Now, with the Discovery Premium Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle, you can channel that spirit of exploration and create your own thrilling adventures right on the water.

If the wind begins to pick up and calls you to ride the breeze, you'll discover that this paddleboard features a convenient baseplate insert that allows you to effortlessly transform it into a windsurfer.


And when you're ready for a more leisurely paddle session, the Discovery Premium comes equipped with a comfortable seat and a secure leg strap, enabling you to effortlessly convert the SUP board into a kayak mode for extended exploration.

All Discovery stand-up paddle boards are supplied in a ready-to-go package, including a robust carry bag, a leg leash, a pump, and a 3-piece paddle with an optional second blade.

Product highlights

Drop stitch construction

High quality Fusion Drop Stitch construction with double layers rails

Wide range of sizes

A range of three sizes between 10'8 and 12'6 will cover the needs of all riders considering their level and weight


Convenient solution for adventurous travelers, city dwellers, and paddling enthusiasts looking to optimize their storage space

2 in 1

"Become a windsurfer, when it gets windy!" The ability to mount sail means that as soon as the wind blows your SUP board will quickly turn into a windSUP!

Included accessories

  • Paddle with kayak option
  • Pump
  • Coiled Leash
  • Kayak seat
  • Transport bag


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Length (ft / cm) Width (in / cm) Thickness (in / cm) Volume (l) Rec. Riders weight (kg) Weight (kg) Rec. pressure (psi) Fin box Discipline Kayak seat option
10'8 / 325 32'' / 81 6'' / 15 280 100 TBA 15 US-box Allround,Touring,Windsurfing Yes
11'6 / 350 32'' / 81 6'' / 15 290 110 TBA 15 US-box Allround,Touring,Windsurfing Yes
12'6 / 381 32'' / 81 6'' / 15 300 120 TBA 15 US-box Allround,Touring,Windsurfing Yes
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