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DUOTONE Windsurf sail DRIVE CLOTH 2020

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Drive is a sail for beginners. The use of dacron and vinyl makes it virtually indestructible. The use of these two materials also gives the feal of softness, thanks to which, the sail is more friendly for people starting their adventure with windsurfing. In the Drive model, the 2.5 betten concept (sails above 3 m) was used. The two upper batten have a normal length, while the third batten (starting from the top) starts in the middle of the distance between the mast and the leech. This arrangement makes the sail lighter, stable and has a deeper profile close to mast. Sizes below 3m do not have battens, thanks to which they are extremely light.


  • The use of vinyl and dacron makes the sail practically indestructible
  • Special construction produces a lot of power in relation to the size
  • The materials used give a softness effect and make the sail more friendly
  • The number of battens is individually matched to the dimensions
  • short battens limited weight and makes the profile deeper


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Size m2Luff (cm)Boom (cm)Mast lengthMast diameterBattensCamsVario topDiscipline
1.0196114200 / 230RDM0Beginners
1.5235114200 / 230RDM0Beginners
2.5324137290 / 340RDM0Beginners
3.0325158290 / 340RDM3Beginners
3.5356164340 / 370RDM3Beginners
4.0386172370 / 400RDM3Beginners
4.5415175400 / 430RDM3Beginners
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