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The Duotone Platinum SLS SDM windsurfing mast is in a class of its own. It was created for World Cup racers who demand excellence from their equipment. The Platinum SLS is 100% carbon, great performance and an extremely lightweight mast.

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The Platinum SLS series is constantly being improved and enhanced. The custom, highly dynamic Platinum SDM, manufactured to AERO 1.0 design specifications, has over 30% less weight but has lost nothing in terms of durability compared to previous models. In the toughest conditions, wave world champion Victor Fernandez uses only these masts. Both the RDM and SDM are manufactured using Aerospace Prepreg Technology - the most precise, quality assuring process. For this reason, Duotone is the first manufacturer to offer an unlimited two-year warranty* on masts with 100% carbon content.

Excellent dynamic properties have been achieved, thanks to the use of T700 carbon fiber in production. The mast is characterized by exceptional strength and stiffness. The 100% carbon is extremely light, which translates into performance on the water and easier control. In addition to the use of carbon, SENTEX® resin was used in the production process, which further contributes to the mast's high mechanical strength and lifespan.

Product highlights

Constant Curve

The most popular deflection characteristic. Works perfectly with both Duotone sails and designs from most other manufacturers

Quality control

The masts are manufactured using modern pre-preg technology. Every mast produced is checked and inspected

Top performance

100% carbon content guarantees top performance and ultimate comfort when surfing

Mastbag included

The mast is equipped with a cover to protect it during storage and transport


  • 100% carbon content
  • T800 high grade carbon
  • SENTEX high-performance resin
  • Cover included


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SDM 380 17 1.30 100 T800 SENTEX TM
SDM 400 19 1.45 100 T800 SENTEX TM
SDM 430 21 1.50 100 T800 SENTEX TM
SDM 460 25 1.70 100 T800 SENTEX TM
SDM 490 28 1.95 100 T800 SENTEX TM
SDM 520 32 2.10 100 T800 SENTEX TM
SDM 550 36 2.60 100 T800 SENTEX TM
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