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F-ONE Kite surfboard Slice Bamboo Foil 2022
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DUOTONE Kite surf board Fish D/LAB 2022
  • Board designed for small to medium waves and strapless freestyle
  • Build using Compact Shape Concept
  • D/LAB version with enhanced construction technology
  • Great speed generation
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DUOTONE Kite surf board Whip D/LAB 2022

  • Sizes: 5'1 / 5'3
  • Discipline: Small to Medium Waves / Strapless Freestyle

It’s the brand new 2022 Whip shape, but in premium D/LAB construction that brings another level of performance and durability. The key feature of the new D/Lab construction is the new Reflex Memory Foam Shock Absorber on the deck of the board, making D/Lab boards feel incredibly more responsive on the water, even compared to SLS boards. Notably lighter than Cork Shock Absorber, the RMF also boasts key technical benefits including the magical property of memory. If you land hard from your freestyle tricks and put a small dent in the deck, it will over time gradually push the dent out to its original shape and your board will stay looking like new for longer. Additionally, the superior vibration damping of the RMF makes it feel as if you’re riding on a cushion of air by reducing the high frequency chatter through the chop. This incredibly smooth ride inspires confidence in your riding when attacking the lip and landing airs because you know your board will absorb the shock and deliver top notch performance without sacrificing durability. The all-new Whip D/LAB is a great board for pushing the progression of all your freestyle tricks and one of Duotone team’s most highly regarded performance surfboards that is guaranteed to put you in all the right places on the wave from tight in the pocket to above the lip and into big open faced carves in small to medium waves. There's lots to love about this board - incredibly light, very durable and capable of excelling in waves and in the air. All you have to do is jump on board and reap the rewards!

Key features

  • High-performance small to medium wave / freestyle board - High-performance surfboard for small to medium waves and strapless freestyle.
  • Snappy top turns - Due to its compact shape, top turns can be performed very snappy.
  • Incredible speed generation - With its special shape and special bottom outline, the speed generation of this board is incredible.
  • Reflex memory foam shock absorber - The RMF shock absorber delivers a super comfortable ride with a very direct connection to the board. Small dents will disappear overnight when the memory foam pushes back.
  • Innegra shield - The Innegra shield makes the board very durable, without affecting the pure surfboard feel.
  • Carbon beam - The carbon beam is the reason for strong, durable boards with great feedback for the rider.

Tech features



Innegra is the reason for the predictable feel of a polyurethane surfboard, combined with liveliness, durability, dent resistance and incredible light weight. The weight reduction was achieved by replacing fiberglass with Innegra.

DUOTONE Kite surf board Whip D/LAB 2022 - RMF SHOCK ABSORBER


The new RMF (Reflex Memory Foam) Shock Absorber in combination with the Innegra Shield offers decisive technical advantages over the Cork Shock Absorber found in SLS range. First, it is lighter, without affecting the overall strength of the board. Second, it has memory; if you put a small heel dent in the board, the foam will push the dent out over time, giving you a lighter board that stays looking fresh for longer. D/LAB boards feel more responsive on the water thanks to the reduced weight and the remarkable damping effect that drastically reduces high frequency vibrations, giving these boards a smooth and forgiving feel to inspire your confidence when attacking the lip and landing huge airs. The choice of World Champions in any kind of surf.

DUOTONE Kite surf board Whip D/LAB 2022 - GRAB RAILS


Grab Rails for easier freestyle tricks, durability and comfortable general riding.

DUOTONE Kite surf board Whip D/LAB 2022 - RESPONSIVE FLEX


Using bamboo in Duotone surf boards, they take full advantage of the dynamic qualities of this natural product. Optimized layers and the mix with composite materials help us to construct powerful, agile and versatile surf boards that come with a unique flex – responsive flex!



Duotone is using a more labor intensive, multi-step vacuum bag process that yields a super strong, lightweight board with a custom, hand sanded finish. The most substantial change to the light team construction, is that Duotone no longer use a full bamboo sandwich. The cork shock absorber, which used to be concealed under the bamboo sandwich, is now clearly visible under the deck skin and allows the deck to flex and absorb shock like a custom PU board with minimal to no heel denting, thanks to the underlying reinforcements and the remarkable memory properties of cork. Pure surf board feel in an ultra light but durable construction!

DUOTONE Kite surf board Whip D/LAB 2022 - MULTIBOX


All boards now come with Futures Fins compatible fin boxes. Two side set screws and no rear tab allow for a wider tolerance of fin fitting and ensure a perfect and tight fit every time whether you’re using high quality composite fins or any stock after market Futures brand fin. Easy to install and uninstall even with Sand and Salt.


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5'1'' x 18 1/4'' x 2 1/8'' 21.6 l 55-75 kg TS-M 2.83 kg
5'3'' x 18 3/4'' x 2 1/4'' 24.2 l 70-90 kg TS-M 2.97 kg


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