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  • Perfect for wave riders
  • SLS - Strong Light Superior
  • Responsive steering - powered or depowered
  • Very powerful - but with great depower
  • The choice of Duotone wave team riders
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Duotone Kite Neo SLS 2021


The legendary Neo; the world’s most decorated wave kite, now has the Strong Light Superior treatment! SLS incorporates new materials and technologies across the Duotone range to create an even better performing product.

A novelty from the Duotone brand, which will be appreciated by every experienced kitesurfer, will allow you to achieve even more. SLS stands for Strong Light Superior. It is performance, durability and the latest technology in one kite.

The new Penta TX material is significantly lighter and offers up to five times greater tear resistance. Even faster, even more performance even in lighter winds. The low overall weight further enhances the lower range. Perfect for the most demanding riders, not only on the wave. The Penta TX in combination with the legendary Trinity TX creates a kite that will last longer and will be much more durable than a kite made of traditional materials.

Neo SLS is a new quality in the kitesurfing market: incredible maneuverability, unmatched drift and a wider wind range. Don't accept any substitutes, choose Neo SLS and take your kiteboarding experience to the next level.


  • Flex strut: Flex strut, the reason for fast, dynamic, turning and handling.
  • Huge wind range, great low end:Huge wind range and incredible low end are significant for the neo sls.
  • Increased drift: Due to the less overall weight, the drift was noticeably increased.
  • Penta tx frame constructio: The most solid construction in combination with lightweight materials.
  • Durability and light weight construction: More durable, yet up to 15% lighter construction, due to new material mix and penta tx.
  • Dynamic handling and steering: Due to the flex struts, the handling and steering is incredibly dynamic.


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Size Wind range (kts) Rec. lines length (m)
5 22-38 20-22
6 20-36 20-22
7 18-34 20-22
8 16-32 20-22
9 14-30 20-22
10 12-28 22-24
11 11-25 22-24
12 10-22 22-24
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