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Duotone Kite DICE 2021


Freestyle, waves and big air, the Dice does it all and can handle anything you can throw at it.

This year, the kite achieved even lighter weight so it has even better flying results, the bridle has been significantly tuned and the pulley has less construction offering a very precise feel. The solid construction and high-quality materials ensure that the kite reacts very precisely and is more stable when the wind blows.

By tuning the bridle and wingtips, the turning speed was increased while ensuring the loops are full power with plenty of sideways pull in the air. The quick nature of the handling also makes the Dice cope well with wave riding, and the reduced weight improves drift capabilities.

For years riders have been enjoying the Dice for freestyle and waves and now it’s got the big air credentials too! If you want a kite that can do it all, whatever mood you, or Mother Nature is in, you want the Dice.


  • Extremely powerful lift and massive jumping abilities: Most important for freestyle manouvers, boosting, old-school style and overall performance..
  • Incredibly precise steering:crucial for exact manouvers and total control at any time.
  • Perfect for kite loops and unhooked pop: Due to the 3 different pigtails positions the kite is perfect for both big airs, looping and unhooked performance.
  • Optimized construction for reduced weight: Every single detail has been checked and weight was optimised to reduce the overall weight.
  • Pulley less bridle system: The bridle system doesn't need any pulleys, to make the steering even more smooth and direct.
  • Several tip tuning options: From freestyle and big air to even wave riding, the dice can be tuned in all directions..


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Size Wind range (kts) Rec. lines length (m)
5 24-39 20-22
6 21-38 20-22
7 20-36 20-22
8 18-34 20-22
9 16-32 22-24
10 14-30 22-24
11 13-27 22-24
12 12-24 22-24
13 11-21 24
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