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CRAZYFLY Kiteboard Slicer 2021
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DUOTONE Kiteboard Jaime SLS 2021
  • He forgives a lot, great board to develop your skills.
  • Sharpening has never been easier than on the Select.
  • Medium flex guarantees a lot of comfort.
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DUOTONE Kiteboard Select 2021


A freeride machine that is fast, responsive and exhilarating to ride, with a shape and flex that cuts through chop like butter.

Freeriding has come so far in this sport; the Select was one of the first dedicated freeride boards on the market. Speed, response and pop are all qualities this board needs and the team have built that into its very DNA. Anyone who has ridden the Select will testify as to how good it is, if you haven’t ridden it yet, then you need jump on board. The Carbon Beam and Biax Glass combine with the Torsion Flex Cap to give a medium to soft flex that creates an incredibly forgiving ride with an unbelievably smooth feeling through choppy conditions. The Space Flex tips flick the board off the water when you pop, and the Step Mono Concave base breaks the surface tension of the water for smooth landings. The outline of the board makes it perfect for carving, and if you want to have fun in the waves on a twin tip, this is the board that makes it easy. Early to get planing and with amazing upwind abilities, the Select is fast and responsive every time you slip your feet into the straps. If you are looking for the ultimate freestyle machine then look no further, you have arrived in the right place.


  • SMOOTH CARVING - Smooth carving guaranteed due to space flex.
  • SPACE FLEX - Most comfortable ride and very early planing with space flex.
  • GOOD GRIP AND CONTROL - Due to clever designed channels the board offers plenty of grip and perfect control.
  • CARBON BEAM - The carbon beam makes the board responsive and light.
  • STEP MONO CONCAVE - The fastest and easiest to ride bottom concept. It can be carved easily through turns and always delivers the right grip. It starts to plane early, allows smaller fins and helps to go upwind.
  • SOFT TO MEDIUM FLEX -The soft to medium flex combines the best of both worlds, enough performance with ultimate comfort.

Package content

  • Kiteboard Select
  • Set of fins


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Size Recommended riders weight Finset
132/39​ 55-75KG S-BEND FS 4.5 CARBON 30
135/40 70-85KG S-BEND FS 5.0 CARBON 30​
138/41 75-90KG S-BEND FS 5.0 CARBON 30
141/42 >85KG S-BEND FS 5.0 CARBON 30
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