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  • The most recognizable freestyle board in the world.
  • It guarantees soft landings, even after high jumps.
  • Big pop.
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DUOTONE Kiteboard Jamie 2021


The world’s most popular kiteboard and the godfather of the modern twin tip, light as always, now even faster and stronger for 2021!

The kiteboard that started a movement returns once again as the best freestyle board for riders looking for a balance between performance and ease of use. For this year the design team have worked to keep the same low overall weight of the board but adding extra strength. The Jaime still offers a smooth ride through the chop, with soft landings guaranteed, in addition, the experience on the water is dynamic and engaging with high top-end speed and plenty of control. A medium flex delivers plenty of pop while still being forgiving; the Absorption Flex Tips help to launch you off the water while also smoothing out the landings. The base shape for 2021 is the Double Diffusor design, which offers plenty of grip and also breaks surface tension when landing fast and hard. A new base material has been used this year, and it reduces the weight considerably, while still remaining exceedingly durable. Find out why this is one of the most iconic boards in the industry and ride the Jaime, there is a reason it’s legendary.


  • TORSIONAL STIFFNESS DUE TO CARBON WEB - Very sporty and responsive due to the torsional stiffness achieved by a carbon web.
  • CONNECTED AND COMFORTABLE IN CHOP - Due to a double diffusor bottom, the board feels constantly connected and very comfortable in chop.
  • SOFT LANDINGS - Soft landings are provided by a double diffusor bottom.
  • QUAD CHANNEL - Easy take offs due to good grip and the quad channels.
  • DOUBLE DIFFUSOR BOTTOM - The double diffusor bottom offers outstanding grip and maximum comfort.
  • MEDIUM FLEX - The medium flex offers performance with everyday comfort. Precisely adjusted materials offer control, power and comfort in just the right way to feel good in every possible riding situation.

Package content

  • Kiteboard Jamie
  • Set of fins


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Size Recommended riders weight Finset
128/39 30-50KG S-BEND FS 4.5 CARBON 30
133/41 50-75KG S-BEND FS 4.5 CARBON 30
136/41 70-85KG S-BEND FS 4.5 CARBON 30
139/42 80-95KG S-BEND FS 5.0 CARBON 30
142/43 >85KG S-BEND FS 5.0 CARBON 30​
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