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DUOTONE Kiteboard Whip SLS 2021
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DUOTONE Kite surf board Whip D/LAB 2022
  • The most classic surf shape - provides great versatility.
  • SLS technology - lower weight, greater resistance to destruction.
  • Perfect for children, teenagers and lighter riders.
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A classic do-it-all surfboard should, a traditional shape with a modern twist, this high-performance board excels in every kind of wave.

The Wam in classic construction has also been completely re-designed from the ground up, and is exactly the same shape like the Wam SLS to remain on the cutting edge of high performance surfing. Slightly shorter and wider than it’s predecessor and with more width and volume under the front foot, the WAM SLS is the embodiment of the high performance squash-tail kite-surfboard. At home in everything from small onshore waves to pumping down-the-line surf, the WAM will never disappoint you. The new WAM is noticeably faster, more lively and agile than the previous models thanks to a slightly narrower tail and rounder outline, giving you a dynamic and exciting ride no matter the conditions.


  • THE BEST ALL-ROUNDER - A classic surf shape is the guarantee for a great all-rounder.
  • BALANCE OF GRIP AND SNAPS - Excellent balance of grip and explosive snaps off the top.
  • FAST AND STABLE - Speed in combination with absolute control is the magic combination.
  • VACUUM BAMBOO TEC CONSTRUCTION - A classic construction combining the best elements of flex and feel in a durable construction.
  • CORK SHOCK ABSORBER - The cork shock absorber is applied as a damper in the heel area of the surfboard to avoid heel dents.
  • CONCAVE DECK WITH GRAB RAIL - To optimize volume distribution to aid control and a subtle grab rail for strapless tricks.

Package content

  • Kiteboard WAM SLS
  • Rear pad
  • Set of fins


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Length Width Thickness Volume Recommended rider weight Finset
5'3" 17 3/4" 2" 19.73L 40-60KG TS-M
5'5"  18"  2 1/8" 22L 50-70KG TS-M
5'7" 18 1/4" 2 3/16" 23.6L 55-75KG TS-M
5'9" 18 1/2"  2 5/16" 25.3L 70-90KG TS-M
5'11"   18 3/4"  2 3/8" 27.9L >85KG TS-M
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