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DUOTONE Kiteboard SELECT 2020
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  • The shape of the bottom allows you to easily ride on sliders, ramps and other obstacles at wake parks.
  • Powerful pop makes it easy to perform amazing tricks
  • Extremely solid and durable construction with additional reinforcement for riding in a wake park.
  • Deep channels at the bottom of the board ensure grip and control, even without fins.
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If you ride in the park you will know what a difference the right board can make, the Gambler is pure, unfiltered park riding bliss!

Ridden by riders like Craig Cunningham, Noé Font and Tom Court the Gambler is the undisputed king of the kite park, and for 2020 it’s been redesigned so it can keep that crown firmly on its head. By going back to the drawing board, the Gambler is now everything you could ever want in a park focused twin tip that has been tuned to make hitting features a dream. The rails have been lifted up, making it harder to catch them on sliders, the unique beveled channels and concave tips have all been shaped to maximize the distance you can travel on a feature too. The Grindbase is back to ensure the board can take the abuse you give it and the flex has been tuned too. With a hard to medium flex for 2020, the board offers plenty of pop while also allowing you to press the board for extra style points. A new tucked rail shape also gives the board superior grip when carving the flats. If you need to raise the stakes in the park this year, the Gambler has you covered!


  • SLIDER OPTIMIZED BOTTOM SHAPE - slider bottom shape, build especially for obstacles, preventing catching of the rails.
  • TUCK RAILS - rounded tuck rails for smooth carving.
  • ROBUST AND DURABLE CONSTRUCTION WITH SLIDER BOTTOM - exceedingly robust and durable construction further enhanced by the slider bottom for park riding.
  • MEDIUM TO HARD FLEX - the medium to hard flex combines competition performance with every day comfort. Precise adjusted materials offer control, power and comfort in just the right way to feel good in every condition.
  • ROBUST TRIAX AND BIAX GLASS FIBRE CONSTRUCTION - for the best dampening and comfort, perfect for technical tricks.
  • DEEP CHANNELS - deep channels to ensure grip and control, even without fins.

Package content

  • Kiteboard GAMBLER
  • Set of fins


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Size Recommended riders weight Finset
136/42 55-70KG S-BEND WK 3.5 CARBON 30
142/42,5 55-90+KG S-BEND WK 3.5 CARBON 30
148/43 >95KG S-BEND WK 3.5 CARBON 30
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