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CRAZYFLY Foil Cruz 1200
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CRAZYFLY Kitesurf Foil UP Carbon 91cm
  • Smooth carving and great maneuverability
  • High cruising speed for its size
  • Full carbon front wing
  • Aviation aluminum alloys
  • Easy and quick assembly
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CRAZYFLY Foil Cruz 1000

  • Mast sizes: 50 cm | 70 cm | 90 cm
  • Wing area: 1000 cm2
  • Purpose: Freeride 

Cruz 1000 is a carbon foil created for intermediate and advanced riders, it is characterized by high speed for its size. It offers excellent maneuverability, nice top speed and excellent stability. Features a wide speed range, accelerates predictably and gradually rises out of the water, making it easy to get out of the water and enjoy the flight.

All parts of the foil can be quickly and easily mounted and removed with just seven screws, making it perfect for travel. CF has designed the foils in a modular system, so that all individual parts are compatible with both the foil Master, Up and Shorty sets. The modular system is perfect for developing your foil swimming.


Cruz Foil - Aircraft grade alloys

Aircraft grade alloys

The Cruz foil mast is aircraft quality, high strength aluminium alloy with hard anodized surface treatment. This technology is second to none. The fuselage and mast baseplate alloys are mixed with titanium for ultimate strength. There is absolutely no question about the precision of these parts and their durability in salt water conditions. They are made to last.

Cruz Foil - Clean connect

Clean connect

The baseplate to mast connection and fuselage to mast connection are using a very simple and innovative solution. Designers eliminated the traditional pocket connections and opted for a clean flat surface to flat surface bond. The wings to fuselage also use flat to flat surface connection. There is absolutely no vibrations nor movement, as production tolerances are completely out of the equation here. The strength and rigidity of this clean connection create a feeling of a one-piece foil construction.

Cruz Foil - Air Inside Mast

Air Inside Mast

The Cruz foil mast is completely water sealed on both top and bottom. The trapped air inside the mast increases its buoyancy. The Cruz 690 foil set floats even with small 88 cm Pure foil board. So, you can stay focused on foiling instead of worrying about losing your precious foil kit.

Cruz Foil - Injected Carbon rear wing

Injected Carbon rear wing

Cruz 1000 and 1200 rear wing is made with the latest injection molded carbon technology. Injected carbon is an innovative polymer mixed with carbon fibers spread in multiple directions. It is very light and extremely strong. Stronger than steel for long-lasting durability of the wing. This technology allows for very high hydrodynamic efficient shapes, reduces drag and increases speed.

Cruz Foil - Modular system

Modular system

Cruz foils are designed with a modular system, so all individual parts are compatible between all CrazyFly Cruz foils. The modular system is ideal for upgrading your foil game. You can easily change front wings, mast lengths or any other components.

Cruz Foil - Full Carbon front wing

Full Carbon front wing

Cruz 1000 and 1200 front wings are made with the latest carbon fiber technology for ultra light weight, high stiffness and strength. Multiple carbon fiber layers ensure high torsional stiffness, resulting in a very dynamic and responsive ride. These wings are packed with performance and look amazing.

Set includes

  • Cruz 1000 Mast: 50 / 70 / 90 cm
  • Cruz 1000 Front Wing
    • Wingspan: 665 mm
    • Wing surface area: 1000 cm2
  • Cruz 220 Rear Wing
    • Wingspan: 376 mm
    • Wing surface area: 220 cm2
  • Cruz 69 Fuselage: Aluminium fuselage 69 cm
  • Cruz Base Plate: Foil Plate (hole spacing: 165 x 90 mm)
  • Set of screws


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Mast length (cm): Set weight (kg):
50 2.8
70 3.2
90 3.5
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