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PLKB Trainer kite Impulse TR + bar
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PLKB Kite Escape V8
  • New shape of Hybrid Delta Bow
  • The short eight-point bridles have been tuned for kiteloops
  • It behaves very steadily across the width of the windshield
  • Direct reaction to bar movements
  • Easily rebounds out of the water
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CRAZYFLY Sculp Kite 2021

Sizes: 7.0 | 9.0 | 10.0 | 12.0 | 14.0

Model: 2021

The CrazyFly Sculp 2021 is a versatile kite for all riders in a very wide range of wind conditions. Very easy to learn and a lot of fun, regardless of your style.

The kite is equipped with a number of systems and innovative solutions that affect efficient use.

The all-new shape of the Hybrid Delta Bow uses two kite worlds, whatever you like? Old school, freestyle, kite loops, big air or foil, Sculp will check in every field.

The eight-point bridles attachment makes the kite very torsional, giving a lot of pop and slack in the unhooked jump lines.

Manufactured exclusively in Europe, the kite is characterized by high quality materials while maintaining excellent performance when riding by amateurs and professionals in the field of kitesurfing

The kite provides a very strong and stable thrust, perfectly coping with wind lossesand unexpected air turbulences.

Its versatility has been appreciated by a leading rider in kitesurfing and an amateur of recreational swimming.

Crazyfly boards and kites come with a 3-year guarantee. To use it, register the product on the manufacturer's website within 30 days of purchase.

Set included:

  • Sculp kite
  • Kite backpack
  • Repair kit
  • User manual


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SIZE (m): WIND RANGE (knots): WEIGHT (kg):
7 18-40 2.5
9 14-34 3.0
10 13-30 3.2
12 10-26 4.7
14 8-20 4.1
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