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  • Designed for freestyle and unhooked tricks.
  • Huge pop.
  • Very fast.
  • Lands perfectly even after high jumps.
  • Straps and shoes can be attached.
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CRAZYFLY Kite Board Legend 2021

Size: 138 x 42 | 142 x 43

Discipline: Wakestyle | Frestyle

Model: 2021

The brand-new Legend has been designed and developed with Posito Martinez for the Freestyle World Tour. It is shaped and constructed to be pushed hard, and delivers amazing power on the water. This freestyle weapon is aimed at intermediate to advanced riders who like to push their limits and ride aggressive.

The shape features a squared outline for more surface area on the tips for the biggest pop possible. An edge control track runs along almost the full length of the board and give the edge more bite for take-offs. With a mid to flat rocker and no concave in the center, the Legend generates a lot of speed for massive take-offs. The tips have a big V shape for better load ‘n’ pop and improved upwind tracking.

Construction wise the Legend is seriously packed. The board is on the stiffer side, but rewards with huge amounts of pop. Adding to more pop the Legend has a full carbon layup and thicker 3D shapes wood core with carbon fiber reinforcements in critical areas. You can really push the gas pedal with this board and for flat water unhooked freestyle session, this board is simply legendary.

The 2021 Legend – Posito Martinez signature model.

Package content

  • Raptor Legend
  • Set of Carbon fins 3.0cm
  • Handle
  • Screws set for handle and fins

Crazyfly boards and kites are covered by a 3-year warranty. In order to qualify for the three years warranty, all you have to do is to register your kite or board online on the producer's website within 30 days since the purchase of the product.


Legend - Posito Martinez signature model

Posito Martinez signature model

The Legend has been designed and developed with Posito Martinez for the Freestyle World Tour. If you want to shred like Posito, this board will help push the limits. The Legend is a perfect unhooked freestyle weapon.

Legend - Quadraxial Carbon

Quadraxial Carbon

Brand new high modulus Quadraxial Carbon layup used exclusively on the Raptor Extreme and Legend boards, ensures extreme strength and higher heel to toe stiffness for increased pop with more flex along the length of the board for added comfort.

Legend - Fusion Side Walls

Fusion Side Walls

Fusion Side Walls are the strongest we ever made. They are a special mix of the latest high end polymers creating unbelievable strength and bonding.

Legend - Edge Control Track

Edge Control Track

The Edge Control Track on the bottom of the board provides excellent grip, better upwind and great tracking abilities of the board.

Legend - V Tips

V Tips

The V Tips shape provides for excellent upwind and plenty of grip for loading up jumps.

Legend - Step Cap

Step Cap

The Step Cap technology allows for thinner rails which enhance the upwind and tracking abilities of the board.

Legend - Invisible Inserts

Invisible Inserts

Invisible inserts is an innovative feature that creates a beautiful united surface of the bottom of the board. Not only does this make the board look much better, but it also does not disrupt the flex pattern of the board and allows our shapers to be more creative without limits. Inserts are only visible from the top for mounting pads and straps.


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Size (cm) Weight (kg) Stiffness Stance
(wake binding compatible)
138 x 42 2.7  900 42 / 46 / 50 CM
16.5 / 18.0 / 19.5 INCH
142 x 43 2.9  900 43 / 46 / 50 CM
16.5 / 18.0 / 19.5 INCH
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