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  • Sizes: 132 x 41 / 136 x 41 / 140 x 42
  • Type: Freeride / Freestyle
  • Model: 2018

CF’s full carbon top model received a brand new shape after seven years. The 2018 Raptor LTD also comes in a brand new Neon version for customers who prefer better visibility of the board in dark water. Sticking to its core properties of a high end freeride/freestyle board, it remains a full carbon, ultra light masterpiece.

The 2018 Raptor LTD features a brand new Ellipse double concave shape in the center of the bottom for unmatched comfort and Double V tips for better grip when popping. Buttery soft in chop, yet dynamic for high end freeride and freestyle. Brand new CompFlex 4T5 Carbon on the bottom of the board makes the new LTD even more comfortable and smoother, especially in choppy water.

CrazyFly exclusive and latest in tech, the Nano Glide Skin on the bottom of the board helps the board track and go upwind better thanks to its micro channels. It has better gliding properties and generates speed quicker, plus it is more resistant to scratches. The top of the board has a brand new matt overprint for that eye catching premium look.


  • CrazyFly Raptor LTD kiteboard
  • Razor Fins
  • Fins screws
  • Grip handle

Not included


  • Solid, powerful pop
  • Great upwind abilities
  • Light weight and durability
  • Easily cuts through choppy water
  • Premium carbon construction


Provides enough comfort and extra bits of performance.


The Ellipse Double Concave is a brand new bottom shape developed especially for the Raptor LTD boards. The concaves create an Ellipse like shapes which smoothly transitions into the board tips. The Ellipse Double Concave provides amazing control, grip and upwind drive. At the same time it makes the board much more comfortable and smoother to ride in chop.


In 2017 CF introduced a brand new Nano Glide Skin on the bottom of the Raptor and Raptor LTD boards. The micro channels on this foil help the board track and go upwind better. The foil has better gliding properties and generates speed quicker, plus it is more resistant to scratches.


Vibra Kill is a brand new top secret technology developed by CrazyFly. This system damps the shocks from landing in water, as well as vibrations of the board during riding. It makes the ride smoother and saves your knees.


Based on our thirteen years of experience in building high quality kiteboards with top performance, CrazyFly believes that carbon fibers are irreplaceable. Carbon fibers are ultra light and at the same time extremely strong. This material is very dynamic and it returns instantly to its original shape after being stressed, which provides loads of pop in carbon fiber boards.


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SIZE 132x41 136x41 140x42
WEIGTH 2.0 kg 2.2 kg 2.3 kg
STIFFNESS 790 750 720
STANCE 38 / 42 / 46 CM
15 / 16.5 / 18.0 INCH
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