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  • Solid design
  • Inner pocket
  • Anticorrosive materials
  • Security bars
  • Nets inside for easy packing
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MANERA Biggie boardbag

The Biggie is a super light, effective bag which is made to carry a lot of stuff. It has many handles all around, inside net compartments, reinforced straps with aluminum buckles. Perfect to carry 4 kites + harness, wetsuits, foil wings.

Key Features:

  • YKK zippers - Manera use heavy-duty 8mm YKK zippers built in a high-quality plastic. It avoids any crack, corrosion, and allow a fluid run every time you open/close the bag.
  • Transversal straps - The transversal reinforcement straps are strategically placed to relieve the zipper and material from too much stress, so the bag can handle heavy loads even when mishandled.
  • Inside pockets - In the inside it features three net pockets and a Velcro pocket that can store your tools, screws.


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Length (cm) Width (cm) High (kg) Weight (kg)
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