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  • A unique sail that provides lightness and best performance in a variety of conditions, including non-planning conditions
  • Very wide range of adjustments
  • Perfectly works with large raceboard longboards
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LOFTSAILS Windsurf Sail Raceboardblade 9.5


  • Size: 9.5
  • Discipline: Raceboard

Raceboard competition most closely reflects classic sail racing: upwind starts, mark roundings, tactics based on wind shifts, and - as always - a premium on speed. Loftsails roots run deep in the raceboard class, and our raceboard team could not be stronger.

Joao Rodriguez, Curro Manchon and Patrik Pollak are clear about what is needed to win. Numerous national, European and World championship podiums have been occupied by these three raceboard legends. The Loftsails Raceboard development team continues to deliver the results.

Raceboardblade 9.5 is a dedicated medium to strong wind raceboard design.

With the 7-battens, 4-cams frame and a moderate mast pocket width, the sail is very stable and fast. Raceboardblade 9.5 reaches its full potential on the raceboard course when the wind increases above 10-11 knots.

In common with the LW design, the 9.5 is extremely trim sensitive. This sensitivity to downhaul and outhaul adjustment results in a ballistic wind range.


LOFTSAILS Windsurf Sail Raceboardblade 9.5 - Tack Strap With Eyelet

Tack Strap With Eyelet

Strap tension independent from downhaul tension

LOFTSAILS Windsurf Sail Raceboardblade 9.5 - Blade Mast Pocket

Blade Mast Pocket

Downhaul tension is equalized between the mast panel and the mast pocket, resulting in a firm, easy-rotating leading edge

LOFTSAILS Windsurf Sail Raceboardblade 9.5 - 4 mil Dimension Polyant

4 mil Dimension Polyant

Body panels are light and durable

LOFTSAILS Windsurf Sail Raceboardblade 9.5 - Metallic Cam Interface

Metallic Cam Interface

Eliminates contact point degradation characteristic of cams

LOFTSAILS Windsurf Sail Raceboardblade 9.5 - Varied Carbon Tubed Battens

Varied Carbon Tubed Battens

Carbon tubes are lightweight and deliver superior stability at the upper end

LOFTSAILS Windsurf Sail Raceboardblade 9.5 - X-ply Batten Pocket

X-ply Batten Pocket

Minimizes the asymmetric character of applied batten pockets

LOFTSAILS Windsurf Sail Raceboardblade 9.5 - Exposed tack

Exposed tack

Facilitating adjustable downhaul kits

LOFTSAILS Windsurf Sail Raceboardblade 9.5 - IYU250 4-Part Mast Pocket

IYU250 4-Part Mast Pocket

Super durable IYU250 is the perfect material between your mast and the elements

LOFTSAILS Windsurf Sail Raceboardblade 9.5 - Trim Diamond

Trim Diamond

A reference marker for precision leach-release tuning


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Model Size  Luff  Boom  Vario Top  Extension  Cambers  Battens  Recommended Mast  Weight 
Raceboardblade 9.5 Orange 2022 9.5 m2 536 cm 240 cm Fixed 16 cm 3 7 Team Edition SDM 520 5.84 kg
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