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Windsurf board JP-Australia Super Lightwind Wood PRO 166 2024
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Windsurf board JP-Australia Magic Wave PRO 2024
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A super manoeuvrable foil board created for the new freestyle-foil discipline. The compact shape and low weight guarantee effortless, easy jumps and manoeuvres. Designed for advanced riders. It will also prove itself as a versatile foil board for lightweight riders offering the ability to levitate with the wing.

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The board for riders who accept no limits: no matter if you want to freeride in cruising mode or do wild style moves, the foot straps are in the ideal position. Super short and compact, the board offers a noticeably low swing weight, making rotations effortless and fast. Getting into flying mode comes naturally and allows for spectacular moves even in light winds. At the same time, you can keep foiling even when the conditions get rough. Water time will increase for every rider. This PRO edition features JP Freestyle’s proven Carbon Innegra layup with long track boxes for foil attachment.

You’ll immediately notice that this board is VERY short! It’s the shortest board in JP’s windsurf range – simply to keep the swing weight super low for fast and effortless rotations.


Yes, it requires a light footed and advanced foil rider, obviously, but at the same time shaper Werner Gnigler stresses the fact that it is not too short either: It’s well-mannered ‘enough’, so that not only the very best of experts will be able to handle it and getting into flight mode comes naturally.

In the air, the direct trim setup dominates the feel: The short distance between mast base and foil converts every pull of the toe into fast moves. No matter whether you want to ride waves or go for the next air or carving move, the response from the board is immediate and direct. The well-shaped deck in the strap area and the double footstrap plugs play a major role in the board’s instant reaction to foot steering: The feet have great grip in the three centred footstraps for perfect control over rails and foil.

All straps are centred to enhance the manoeuvre-oriented nature of the board. Consequently, the centre and tail are not as wide as on more freeride oriented foil boards.

The track box system satisfies most needs: The long tracks for the foil’s plate head quickly became the standard for manoeuvre oriented boards. Being able to adjust not only the mast track, but the foil as well, allows the rider to tune this board exactly to their own specific foiling style – and the scale helps you to find the right position for the foil, every time.

The Freak Foil comes in the well-known PRO edition technology featuring the durable Carbon Innegra material.

Summary: A board for no foil limits! A board to play. A board for the new foil freestyle discipline. A board to go wild. A board for you?

Product highlights


Full-on maneuver and freestyle foil board

Compact shape

Super short design for perfect handling in flight and effortless rotations

PRO Construction

Built with Innegra Carbon for light weight and the best stiffness


Works as allround foil board for light riders. May be used as wing foil board



The strong construction is built to last and can take all the forces. The plate mount fitting cover all needs and rider preferences. Being able to adjust not only the mast track, but the Foil as well, allows the rider to tune this board exactly to their own specific foiling style – and the scale helps you to locate the right position of the foil.


For high durability: The parabolic rail reinforcements work like a stringer along the rail and are resistant to impact and paint chipping and increase the stiffness.


Four screws per strap = 100% anti-twist! No annoying twist anymore.


Your friends and family constantly take your board and change the size of your footstraps? No problem anymore! JP's Footstrap scale allows easy adjustment to the foot size.

Set components

  • Board
  • Set of footstraps


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Volume (l)Length (cm)Width (cm)Weight (kg)Fin boxFoil readyRecommended sail size
95184627,4Foil TrackYes<6.2
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