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Windsurf board JP-Australia Ultimate Wave PRO 2024
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Windsurf board JP-Australia FreakFoil PRO 95 2024
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Light wind weapon!  Maximum efficiency. The best choice for everybody who wants to push their light wind sailing without a foil! A stable platform for intermediate to advanced riders who enjoy effortless blasting in marginal conditions.

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No need for foiling!

Almost no board planes as early and effortlessly as JP’s Super Lightwind. Since its introduction in 2011 it has occupied an almost unrivalled position in the market as one of the only dedicated light wind machines in any brand’s range! Planing in almost no wind and reaching top speed immediately, it rides comfortably, smoothly and incredibly easily for its size. Now, JP releases the 5th shape generation of this unique board design and like its predecessors, it benefits from the shape evolutions of the Slalom and Super Sport board – and this time also from the HydroFoil performance boards, too! Consequently, this newcomer is JP’s hottest toy ever for all light wind days, no matter if you plan to set up the board with fin or foil.

The first priority on Shaper Werner Gnigler’s design brief was to combine outstanding early planing performance with an electrifying sensation and a user friendly ride. To achieve this, the outline was updated: The board got slightly longer resulting in a much smoother outline curve for a smooth and effortless transition from non-planing to planing.


Another consequence of this is that the rider benefits from a more comfortable, parallel stance and the power is distributed evenly from both legs onto the rail. For a board this size, the shape feels small and alive under your feet, yet is much easier to control than previous models. Definitely a highlight of this new shape!

The easy ride and control also show in the board’s gybing ability. Not only does the outline take credit for improved maneuverability, but the rail shape also became thinner and smoother. This new rail shape – especially noticeable in the rear – allows for perfect stance and comfort in all of the various options of footstrap placements, perfectly suited for fin and foil use.

The concave deck lowers the pivot point of the mast base, reduces swing weight and provides additional control when pushing the limits and in carving maneuvers. The sail foot is pulled lower to naturally close the gap between sail and board in order to further enhance light wind efficiency.

The bottom features a ‘transforming Vee flow’ – the Vee is strongly pronounced in front of the mast base for a smooth ride and low-friction touch downs, it decreases between the foot straps and opens up again towards the tail. Thus, the board rides high and loose, ironing out all chop. The transforming V results in a curvy rail line which makes gybing smoother and helps to exit the turn at full speed.

Big cut-outs provide the perfect mix of release and lengthy rail line for control when sailed with fin. They thin-out the rails in the tail making it easy to rail up the board at high speeds and to carve through gybes. When foiling, they also offer extra flexibility, loading up the wings for takeoff.

The board doesn’t require a foil to be big fun in super light winds but for everybody who wants to try, JP’s Foil-Tuttlebox makes it an amazing foil weapon. The board’s volume and size not only get it up on the foil to fly super early, but the width provides the leverage to control the lift of the foil when the winds pick up and the pace increases.

You can but don’t need to foil to get action!

Product highlights

New Wood Pro construction

Technology draws on proven experiences from the past and features a blend between lightness and durability


No matter how fast you're going on flat water or over the chop, you'll appreciate the great stability of the JP SLW

Early planning

Effortless lift even for passive riders in all type of light wind conditions

Large Cut-Outs

For minimizing the tail volume and to reduce the drag

Unique design

Distinctive features, functionality, innovative shapes, materials, and graphics set it apart from the market standards


Approved for foiling

Reinforced, stronger box construction. Foil-Tuttlebox wit big recess on the deck and big washers: The Previous Foil-Tuttlebox boards came with a big recess and washer only for the rear Tuttlebox screw. From 2021 on, all Tuttle Foil boards feature boxes with 40 mm recess (front and back hole) and a 35 mm washer for extra support and to spread the force while foiling and for better handling.

Multiple footstraps positions

Thanks to various footstrap options you can perfectly trim the board according to your needs, e.g.: inboard plugs for easy cruising and/or plugs further out on the rail for a sportier, free ride and/or centred plugs for beginners.

Footstraps scale

Your friends and family constantly take your board and change the size of your footstraps? No problem anymore! JP's Footstrap scale allows easy adjustment to the foot size.

Included fin

The board comes with JP Super Lightwind fin

Set components

  • Board
  • 4 footstraps
  • Fin


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Volume (l) Length (cm) Width (cm) Weight (kg) Fin box Foil ready Included fins Recommended sail size
166 238 92 9,4 Tuttle box Yes Super Lightwind 56 Carbon >7.0
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