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JP-Australia Windsurf board Fun Ride ES 155 2022
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JP-Australia Windsurf board HydroFoil SLALOM PRO 2022
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  • Performance course race hydrofoil design
  • Sharp rails along hull guarantee maximum planing efficiency
  • Aerodynamic profile of short hull reduces drag whilst airborne
  • Large tail cut-outs for earlier planing
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JP-Australia Windsurf board Hydrofoil Course Racing PRO 2022


  • Size: 210l - 215x100cm
  • Discipline: Foil Course Racing

JP’s performance HydroFoil board for course racing in Formula style

  • The key is the rail shape! - Featuring sharp rails along the whole hull with no more bevels in the nose – for maximum lift and planing efficiency. These rails push the board up into flight mode immediately after occasional touchdowns. They provide the perfect stance – a connected and stable feel to the board – which is the base to be able to make use of all the power coming from the foil and sail.
  • Compact dimensions keep the swing weight low.
  • The aerodynamic profile of the short hull reduces drag while airborne.
  • Big tail cut-outs allow the rider to sink the tail while pumping and load up the foil, resulting in an easy and instant takeoff.
  • It comes with the reinforced, super stable JP Foil Box to handle all loads and an additional centre foot pad with an arch to offer additional grip and guided foot placement during gybing and takeoff.
  • This board is equipped with long, 6 single hole foot strap plugs.
    The single hole plugs make moving and adjusting the foot strap position between races quicker. This strap tuning will be essential when swapping foil sizes or fuselages in changing wind conditions.
    The long plugs provide a wide range of adjustment.

This is the dedicated performance board for up- and downwind courses.

Maximum width: 1 m - The parallel outline offers this width almost throughout the entire length of the board giving it a squarer look compared to its predecessor, the 190. Even the tail is marginally wider and thus the straps further outboard. The width offers maximum leverage to control the powerful foils and sails used in foil course racing.

High volume of 230 L - The incredible thickness from the tail to the forward strap area increases the volume and offers clearly more leverage. Powerful foils and sails can be handled easily. The high volume and sharp rails get the riders airborne early and easily. Efficient volume in the nose area supports the rider during tacks and at the start.

The true course racing foil machine! Performance, power and control for competition!

Key features

  • Full-on foil competition design
  • Aerodynamic profile makes board a light wind wonder
  • Unique balance between performance, power and control in foiling
  • Sharp rails along the whole hull create maximum lift and planing efficiency
  • Centre foot pad offers additional grip and guided foot placing during gybing and take-off
  • Parabolic Rails (LXT)
  • Foil Approved Fin Box
  • Footstrap with scale for easy adjustment to foot size


JP-Australia Deska windsurfingowa Super Lightwind LXT 2022 - PARABOLIC RAIL REINFORCEMENT


For high durability: The parabolic rail reinforcements work like a stringer along the rail and are resistant to impact and paint chipping and increase the stiffness.

JP-Australia Deska windsurfingowa Super Lightwind LXT 2022 - FOOTSTRAP SCALE


Your friends and family constantly take your board and change the size of your footstraps? No problem anymore! JP's Footstrap scale allows easy adjustment to the foot size.

JP-Australia Deska windsurfingowa Super Lightwind LXT 2022 - APPROVED FOR FOILING


Reinforced, stronger box construction for Foil-Tuttlebox. Big recess on the deck and big washers: The Previous Foil-Tuttlebox boards came with a big recess and washer only for the rear Tuttlebox screw. From 2021 on, all Tuttle Foil boards feature boxes with 40 mm recess (front and back hole) and a 35 mm washer for extra support and to spread the force while foiling and for better handling.


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Volume (l) Length (cm) Width (cm) Weight (kg) Fin Box Fin setup Included fin Discipline
210 215 100 TBA DEEPTUTTLE BOX Single Foil/Race
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