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Wing leash FBC Wrist Leash Rad (Balz Müller edition)
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Wing leash FBC Rad Wing Waist (Balz Müller edition)
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The FBC wrist wing leash is a product full of thoughtful solutions that will last more and perform better than any such leash on the market. It has been designed from A to Z to be the absolute best.

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It is very strong, comfortable and lightweight. Designed by wing surfers, FBC products are tested under extreme conditions, with performance and longevity always a priority. Equipped with a double wing clasp to ensure your wing never escapes you!


Webbing thickness: 40mm

Neoprene width/thickness: 55mm/4mm

Length: 140cm


  • Comfortable 4mm thick neoprene padding
  • Dyneema buckle - strong and lightweight
  • Large loop for fastening and unfastening - also prevents the strap from slipping out of the buckle
  • Strap securing system to prevent accidental undoing
  • Special dyneema line with elastic core guarantees comfortable use - reduces sudden jerks of the hand and the risk of leash rupture
  • Double wing attachment - standard to the loop on the main tube and in addition to the handle on the leading edge
  • Strap and cable work perfectly together


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