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Wheelbase for FBC Travel Bag V2
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Wing boardbag FBC Day Bag
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The FBC Wing Foil Quivetr Bag is a waterproof cover that won't let water out of the bag. It will accommodate not only the wing, but also the wetsuit, harness and the rest of your equipment, providing a one-stop solution for wet gear.

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FBC's priority is user comfort, especially in winter conditions. The bag features an easy Velcro fastening system with three sealing flaps, so you can effortlessly remove your gear. Additional protection is provided by integrated waterproof seams.

This spacious bag has enough space to accommodate three or four wingtips for easy transportation. Carrying wet gear to and from the car should not be a difficulty. With the carry handle strategically placed on the front and back, you will comfortably transport your gear and think only of the wing foiling experience.

Measuring: 140 x 40 x 25 cm


  • Air vent in the tail to increase breathability
  • 1680D nylon walls and base (strong and durable)
  • 1680D Nylon & Hex Tech Lid (light and water-resistant)
  • 10mm padding
  • PVC Tarpauline dry bag lining (100% waterproof)
  • Velcro Closure system
  • Keep your van/car 100% salt water free!


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