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DUOTONE Baseplate EPX.Base + Powerjoint (short pin)
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DUOTONE Joint (long pin) for iBase
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DUOTONE Baseplate iBase 2.0+ iTendon.Shox

The iBASE 2.0 can be installed or removed without the need for tools, it has been designed to include a central screw. Although these designs are normally built relatively high, Duotone engineers have found a solution for making the iBASE 2.0 the lowest base of its kind. Because there is nothing in the way, the risk of injury to feet and toes is kept to a minimum. In contrast to conventional mastfoot bases made of Zytel plastic, the iBASE 2.0 is the only one produced using a much stiffer material known as POM, thus improving the durability. 

Absolutely no-one in any conditions and for any discipline needs more than one base. The high flexibility and ease of installation and removal makes the need for multiple bases and different systems simply obsolete. This is why we only offer the iBASE 2.0. All these additional features do not lead to any additional weight – something other bases in the market cannot claim to achieve!

The most innovative tendon when it comes to performance and safety. Instead of the usual polyurethane material Duotone uses a BASF high-tech material for the connecting string, which is about 50% tougher and more durable. Another advantage of this exclusive tendon material is that it avoids the usual offset between rig and board slowing you down. That's why the iTENDON is the first choice of many PWA competitors as it offers a more direct power transmission between rig and board than any other tendon out there. Maximum security is granted through the new DYNEEMA.SAFETY.SYSTEM – a highest quality Dyneema kite line that is integrated into the BASF tendon guarantees absolute safety. 

Identical to iTENDON, the SHOX-version comes equipped with the revolutionary Shox-attachment instead of the Duotone pin. Thus, the iTENDON.SHOX is compatible with all extensions of the SHOX SERIES and makes the iBASE the ideal fitting base.


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