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Mast extension Duotone Power.XT RDM 36
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UNIFIBER Mast Extension RDM Elite V2 Carbon (U-Pin)
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The Duotone Power.XT 2.0 SLS RDM 36 is the lightest extension rod with ratchet system in the world. Thanks to the clever lever, rigging is very easy and effortless. The extension is made of carbon, which ensures low weight and durability.

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An inspiring (r)evolution - the POWER.XT 2.0 can do much more and does it better than the previous model. In the POWER.XT 2.0 SLS RDM 36 version, it is also the lightest ratchet extension rod of all time!

Apart from the basic idea, the POWER.XT 2.0 has almost nothing in common with the previous model anymore. From the extremely robust lever ratchet mechanism to the simplified release mechanism, the extra-strong Lyros® Dyneema lines and the option to attach an additional shock absorber - everything has been radically upgraded. The latest version features a completely new length adjustment ring, based on the tried and tested SDM adjustment ring. Now, for the first time, the RDM version ensures that the carbon tube does not come into contact with the mast, thus avoiding corrosion on contact. A 100% T800 Carbon construction combined with SYNTEX® resin is used to guarantee the same durability despite the reduced diameter.

For many years, POWER.XT has been the benchmark when it comes to extensions to facilitate trim. Those who use it will never want to do without it again. Thanks to the integrated lever, even a child can manage to dial a large slalom sail. It is also possible to adjust the tension after the mast on the water! The 15-centimetre lever allows trim without any effort.

Product highlights

Ratchet system

One extension with integrated sail selection system

2 thread system

Compatible with all manufacturers' sails

Immediate release

Quick and convenient folding of the thruster

Dyneema rope

Original LIROS® DYNEEMA cable


Storage slot

ENOUGH TANGLED LINES! All POWER.XT 2.0 extensions have a slot in the plug at the end of the tube. This way you can easily wrap up a loose line during storage and transport


Based on the original SDM adjustment ring, iSNAP 2.0 offers several unique benefits: - the extension tube will no longer contact the mast, preventing corrosion on contact. No other RDM extension tube can do this! - The two-piece pins have a plastic head to prevent damage to the tube during adjustment. - iSNAP 2.0 is the lightest adjustment system in the world. Despite this, the proven design ensures maximum durability.

Integrated ratchet

Advantages when tacking the sail: - faster tacking - weave the line in, out and tack, ratchet, done! - much less effort required (up to 1/60th of the force needed to tack the sail by pulling the line out) - no need for trim tools (e.g. easy-rig or trapeze hook) 2. "No need for trim tools (e.g. easy-rig or trapeze hook) 2. ON-WATER ADVANTAGES: - adjustments can even be made on the water, either by increasing tension or loosening (e.g. when the wind changes) - greater safety - you can take full advantage of the wind range and performance of the sail

2 Thread System Power.XT 2.0

NOW COMPATIBLE WITH ALL SINGING BRANDS! POWER.XT 2.0 features an open stainless steel block that allows you to hook up a loop through the sail block - the fastest and most convenient way to rig a sail! POWER.XT 2.0 is now the ideal choice even for sails with twisted tack horn furlers (e.g. Loft, Naish, Severne). However, this roller furling orientation does not allow the loop to be overridden, which means that the line must be threaded through

Rapid Release

FAST DEMONSTRATION! Thanks to the modified cleat position, you can easily unhook the line by placing your foot on the extension and briefly yanking the line upwards. Click and you're done!

Shox Upgrade Kit

PIONEERING SHOCK-ABSORBING TECHNOLOGY! All UNI.XT and POWER.XT 2.0 extensions can be upgraded using the unique Duotone SHOX system (except AERO). SHOX is the first integrated shock absorber that uses shock absorbers similar to those on a mountain bike. Especially on choppy water, it is able to noticeably improve the handling of the board and sail. It also dampens landing impacts brilliantly. Tests in all leading Windsurfing magazines have proven that the set-up jumps less on the chops. The rider can convert wind force into acceleration much more efficiently, making you 2-3 knots faster. Shox also protects your equipment and joints. Whether speed, slalom or freeride, the SHOX.UPGRADE.KIT guarantees more control, more speed and more comfort. When wave sailing, the SHOX cushioning system provides softer landings and more control of the board when riding a wave as well as when crossing the surf. No wonder almost all team riders rely on the SHOX option instead of opting out!

2-year unconditional guarantee

Lightness is great, but this cannot be achieved at the expense of durability. Durability has always been in DUOTONE's DNA. Despite offering the lightest components on the market, they stick firmly to tried and true quality. This is guaranteed by sophisticated engineering, the highest quality materials and efficiently used raw materials combined with the latest processing technologies. When you register your product on the manufacturer's website, you receive a 2-YEAR FREE GUARANTEE!


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