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Mast extension Duotone Uni.XT RDM 36
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Mast extension Duotone Power.XT SDM
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The UNI.XT SLS RDM is the most technically advanced, yet lightest extension rod Duotone has ever built. The tried and tested adjustment system and simple trimming will have you on the water in no time. It's a combination of 100% T800-carbon and Syntex® resin for the perfect combination.

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Before designing the UNI.XT, the designers studied all these issues in detail and solved practical solutions. The robust and super-strong UNI.XT extension may look like many other standard extensions at first glance, but it is packed with innovations that make it a much better product. The latest version features a completely new adjustment ring that offers a unique benefit: the tried and tested adjustment system from SDM extensions has now been introduced for the first time in the RDM version and ensures that the carbon tube does not come into contact with the mast, avoiding corrosion on contact. No other RDM extensions can offer this!

Product highlights

2 ways of interlacing

2 ways of interlacing

2 ways of interlacing

Compatible with all manufacturers' sails

Immediate loosening

Quick and convenient folding of the thruster

Two-foot trimming

30% less effort


Lightweight and intuitive length adjustment system

2-year unconditional guarantee

Additional warranty upon registration on the manufacturer's website


Storage slot

AVOIDS TANGLED ROPES! All UNI.XT and POWER.XT 2.0 feature a slotted top cap. This way you can get rid of the excess rope during storage and transportation


Based on the original SDM adjustment ring, the iSNAP 2.0 offers some unique benefits: The extension tube cannot come in contact with the mast any more thus preventing any contact corrosion. No other RDM extension can do this! The 2-component pins feature a synthetic head which prevents the tube from being damaged during the adjustment process. The iSNAP 2.0 is the lightest adjustment system on earth. Yet, the proven construction provides maximum durability. Attention: the RDM iSNAP 2.0 is NOT compatible with older RDM extensions (season 2019 and older)

Double foot trim

30% POWER SAVING! In terms of rigging comfort the UNI.XT offers much more than existing standard extensions. In order to ensure the most effective tensioning of the downhaul Duotone have designed the cup under ergonomic points of view incorporating the DOUBLE.FOOT.TRIM. Through the intelligent positioning of the cleat, for the first time it is now possible to prop with both feet against the cup, and thus cope far greater forces, avoiding lower back strain. Now you can use the same technique for the downhauling as in rowing, where you naturally also use both feet to mobilize maximum power through pushing with the feet rather than pulling through your back. That increases the power efficiency by approx. 30% compared to the usual one foot operation!

2 Thread System UNI.XT

NOW COMPATIBLE WITH ALL SAIL BRANDS! The POWER.XT 2.0 features a stainless-steel open pulley enabling loop-loop-go rigging – the fastest and most comfortable way to rig your sail! The UNI.XT is now the first choice even for sails with twisted tack-rollers (e.g. Loft, Naish, Severne). Furthermore, this roller arrangement for the first time enables the Loop-Loop-Go feature for all sail brands. Simply fit the rope loop over one of the outer rollers and start trimming

Rapid release UNI.XT

INSTANT DE-RIGGING! Due to the modified position of the standard cleat, just place one foot on the extension and pull the rope with a short jerk out of the cleat – done

Shox upgrade kit

PIONEERING DAMPING TECHNOLOGY! All UNI.XT and POWER.XT 2.0 extensions can be upgraded with the unique Duotone SHOX suspension system (except AERO). SHOX is the first integrated shock absorber, which adds a chassis to the board similar to a full-suspension on a mountain bike. Especially in choppy conditions it smooths out the board and the rig, absorbing chop and the impact after landing. Tests in all leading Windsurf-magazines have proven that the rig doesn’t bump, the rider can convert the wind power much more effective into acceleration making you a proven 2-3 knots faster, and also preserves the equipment and your joints. Whether speed, racing or freeride, the SHOX.UPGRADE.KIT definitely guarantees more control, more speed and more comfort. During wave sailing, the SHOX suspension system provides cushioned landings and increased board control when going down-the-line as well as when crossing the white water. The upgrade is easily done in a few simple steps. The new, very stiff cup ensures that the suspension tube runs with absolutely no friction, the damping elements respond more sensitively and thereby creates a more enjoyable ride. No wonder that almost all of our top athletes swear by the SHOX option rather than going without!

2-year warranty

Light is right but only if it doesn't go to costs of durability. Durability as part of the DUOTONE quality has always been one of the defining characteristics of their products - and it stays that way. Because despite offering the lightest components on the market, they hold firmly to the course of their tried and true quality claim. This is ensured by sophisticated engineering, the highest quality and more effectively used raw materials combined with the latest processing technologies. The legendary DUOTONE longevity is therefore retained completely, which is guaranteed for your with an industry-leading 2 YEAR UNCONDITIONAL WARRANTY!


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