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CRAZYFLY Straps & pads Lock Binding Red (pair)
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  • One hand adjustability
  • Lightweight
  • Premium materials
  • Heel suspension
  • Locked Velcro system
  • Flexible footstraps
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CRAZYFLY Lock Binding

New locked in feel.

Designed and engineered for the ultimate rider to board connection, locked in feel, and comfort. All while delivering ergonomic and supportive features that push bindings to another level. Ergonomic footpad shape with increased heel support, wide footstrap adjustability and flexibility, ensure a personalized snug fit for all foot shapes. Triple density footpad cushioning protects feet even during the most extreme landings. The footpad is topped with non slippery textured diamond grip for ultimate traction when wet. Highly refined Lock strap blends the optimal balance between comfort and support with snug fit flexibility, wide velcro adjustments, and side stiffeners for increased lateral support. Footstrap size velcro adjustment can easily be made on the go. Experience the new locked in feel, comfort, and support. All at ultra light weight of 0,7 kg.


CRAZYFLY Lock Binding - Huge adjustability

Huge adjustability

OPTIONS, OPTIONS, OPTIONS - The Lock binding offers wide adjustability to accommodate all foot shapes and sizes while offering unmatched comfort and locked in experience. The Lock footpad can be moved in six directions: up and down, left and right, and also angled clockwise and counter clockwise. The Lock footstrap can be adjusted up or down, forward or backwards and can also be angled.

CRAZYFLY Lock Binding - Locked velcro system

Locked velcro system

WIDELY ADJUSTABLE AND SECURE - The Lock strap Velcro system blends the best of both worlds: adjustments on the go and secure closing. Adjustments on the go are quickly and easily made with the large velcro strap on the outside of the foot. It is easy to reach, pull, adjust, and close. All closing ends of the velcros are on the inside of the feet, hidden from water spray. The surface area of all velcros has been increased resulting in a more secure closing of the Lock strap.

CRAZYFLY Lock Binding - Flexible footstraps

Flexible footstraps

LIGHTWEIGHT FLEXIBLE SNUG FIT - The Lock straps are the most flexible and snug straps. Once slipped in, the fit is perfectly snug, comfortable, and locked in. Unmatched Lock strap comfort is backed up by the Triple Stix plastic stiffeners which are slid into both sides of the footstrap and for more support. The Lock straps are a perfect combination of comfort and foot support.

CRAZYFLY Lock Binding - New footstrap outline

New footstrap outline

OPTIMIZED FOR ALL FOOT SHAPES - Based on over twenty years of data, feedback, and engineering experience designers have created what they believe is the best footstrap shape till date. The Lock footstrap outline was optimized to fit all foot shapes and provides support in all needed areas without causing unwanted restrain.

CRAZYFLY Lock Binding - Backwards compatible

Backwards compatible

FROM 2016 ONWARDS - The Lock binding fits all CrazyFly boards since 2016 model year onwards, so you can easily upgrade to the Lock binding.

CRAZYFLY Lock Binding - Extremely lightweight

Extremely lightweight

LIGHTER IS BETTER - CrazyFly bindings have always been one of the lightest on the market and this one is the lightest one yet. Thanks to new technology used on the footstraps and pads, designers were able to save a lot of weight and the complete Lock binding weights only 0,7 kg.

CRAZYFLY Lock Binding - Triple Stix

Triple Stix

SUPPORT AND FLEXIBILITY - The Lock binding features three plastic stiffeners on each foot. When riding, more support is needed on the outside of the foot while more flexibility and less support is required on the inside of the foot. This is why CrazyFly designers opted for a large plastic stiffener on the outside and two smaller ones on the inside. This allows for more for more lateral foot support and footstrap flexibility. The Triple Stix also allow for multiple positions of the strap against the footpad for optimal center of gravity and personalized fit.

CRAZYFLY Lock Binding - Lock footpad

Lock footpad

TRIPLE DENSITY CUSHION AND ERGONOMIC SHAPE - The Lock footpad has an ergonomic 3D shape for the ultimate fit, grip, cushioning, and comfort. It features increased heel support and redesigned toe grip for unmatched locked in experience. Triple density EVA provides a shock absorbing cushion under heels. Extremely durable and comfortable pads, produced from the highest quality EVA material.

CRAZYFLY Lock Binding - Diamond Grip

Diamond Grip

GRIPPY WHEN WET - The diamond grip ensures fast water outflow from underneath your feet and creates much better traction. The shape of the diamonds causes a counter force against your feet in all directions resulting in the ultimate grip when wet.

CRAZYFLY Lock Binding - Fusion Frame

Fusion Frame

ULTRA LIGHT, YET ROCK SOLID - The Fusion Frame is an extremely strong injection molded plastic frame which surrounds the footpad and allows direct contact of the footpad with the board. This technology reduces weight and provides the best possible connection between the rider and the board.

CRAZYFLY Lock Binding - Size


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