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BLUEDRIVE X PRO is the most innovative underwater propulsion system. Highly intelligent and designed for many adventures, this versatile kit opens the door to endless possibilities in the water. You can dive with it as well as attach it to your favorite water gear.

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If you can't imagine a holiday without water activities, then the Bluedrive X PRO is your destination. It is ready for all water equipment such as SUP, kayak, canoe. It will also be perfect for diving or snorkeling. It is a turbo versatile motor that has no limits!

The Bluedrive has 3 gears with speeds of 3 km/h, 5 km/h and 7 km/h. If you are planning longer trips, it will be your best buddy that can save you in emergency situations, or simply support you when you run out of power on the way back. You will adjust your speed using the included watch. You will keep track of your speed and have information about the remaining battery life as well as the watch. The 195.36 Wh battery will last for approximately 100 minutes, if you plan to paddel for longer, a spare battery can be purchased.


The motor is suitable for most Aqua Marina products. It is mounted in place of the rear fin. If your board or kayak has a SLIDE-IN fin box, then you can be sure to fit it without the slightest problem. And if not, you can always use the appropriate adapter. If you plan to dive, there is a trigger on the handle that allows you to adjust the speed. Diving is possible at depths of up to 10 meters underwater. The underwater world will be illuminated by the built-in floodlight (up to 3 m from the motor). With a weight of just 3.9 kg (including handles), this unit is travel-friendly and airline-approved.

Kit includes: water scooter mode mount (handheld), battery charger, USB-pin cable for charging the watch, leash and spare seals

Product highlights


Suitable not only for SUP boards, but also for kayaking, diving or snorkelling


The small size of the engine will allow you to take it with you on any holiday

Comfort of use

It has 2 control options, one from a wrist-mounted remote control and the other is a wireless hand control, which is extremely convenient and intuitive to use


Wristwatch type remote

Convenient and fast speed adjustment. Real-time monitoring of the remaining battery life of the BlueDrive X PRO as well as the watch


Built-in spotlight will illuminate places of interest 3 meters from the engine


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