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Unleash the potential of young racers with the Race Young, meticulously crafted for speed, training and conquering long distance. It’s slender 12’6 x 22’ design, tailored for lighter weights, boasts narrower tail and streamlined outline, elevating top speed and optimizing gliding efficiency. With a remarkable buoyancy combined with ultra stiff Double Layer teechnology, these boards offer unrivalled rigidity and responsiveness on the water,ensuring a stable stance

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It uses a two-layer Drop-Stitch technology with reinforced side panels, on which there is a third protective layer of PVC.

The board is equipped with a longer ballast than the all-round boards, which ensures excellent handling and maximum paddling performance. The Race Young is designed for rowers weighing up to 70kg.

An elastic bungee cord and Red Strap on the front of the deck, allows luggage and personal belongings to be secured. The board is covered with soft EVA foam, which provides excellent comfort for the feet and excellent grip to prevent slipping. Meanwhile, on the back of the board, there is a raised foam called a 'kickpad' to facilitate fast pivot manoeuvres.

The Race Young was created to meet the demands of young speed seekers. The robust construction guarantees durability and makes this paddleboard a reliable companion for many races.

The youngest paddelboarders can easily inflate the board themselves, thanks to the Liquid Air V1 dual function pump. The Swift Attach Racing Fin click-in fin is easy to fit, so the young SUP user will be on the water in no time. The kit also comes with a leash that attaches to the child's ankle, so they can feel secure and the SUP won't float away from them. The entire kit will be packed by the young enthusiast into a convenient carry backpack made from 100% recycled materials.

Compactness and ease of transport are the main advantages of the inflatable paddleboard. You can easily pack the SUP board and its accessories into a practical and convenient transport backpack.

Product highlights


The narrow stern and streamlined shape will allow you to achieve even better speed

Excellent grip

Fantastic grip, thanks to the EVA foam covering of the deck


The board is made using Double Layer Technology, which makes it lightweight


Narrower bow, truncated stern and kickpad - everything you need to maximise the manoeuvrability of your SUP


Bungee System and Red Strap

Equipped with adjustable bungee cord stopper and and Iconic ultra elastic Red Strap to easily tighten luggage bungee

Fin system

Removable slide-in Center Fin for toolless installation

Air valve

High-quality rubber patched air valve for premium look and better airtightness

Tail Kick Pad

Bonus built-in tail kick pad allowing smooth maneuvering of cutback and turns

Comfort EVA footpad

Non-print EVA footpad of diamond grooving crocodile skin, ensuring maximum grip and comfortable sun-bathing

Carry handle

Solid neoprene carry handle specifically designed for a comfortable grasp

Double Layer Technology

  1. Double Wall Fabric drop stitch core
  2. First tarpaulin layer
  3. Second light and printed tarpaulin layer
  4. First PVC rail layer
  5. Second PVC rail layer
  6. Extra rail-band reinforcement
  7. Machine-pressed EVA footpad

Included accessories

Circupack™ Backpack

Double Action Pump

Swift Attach Racing Fin

Coil Leash


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Length (ft / cm)Width (in / cm)Thickness (in / cm)Volume (l)Max recommended load (kg)Weight (kg)Recommended pressure (psi)Fin boxDisciplineKayak option
12'6 / 38122'' / 564.7'' / 1222070918Slide-inRace
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