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This is what you need when you want to have loads of fun with your friends on a standup paddle board. MEGA allows you to paddle with up to 7 friends on one giant board. It’s been tested in the toughest circumstances and can be used for super fun surf or on flat water and river tours.

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If you're bored of lying on the beach, get your team together and transport the MEGA board with the 13 handles and go wild on the water like children. The front of the board is equipped with a rack, where you can put your waterproof bag or small items.

The Mega is 550 cm long and 152 cm wide, so you can easily fit everyone on board. The total load capacity is 650 kg. Despite its large size, the board is not that heavy, weighing just 25 kg.

There are sure to be many enthusiasts of this board, so it is worth having it in your range at your leisure centre or water equipment rental.

Product highlights


Inflate the board to the correct pressure of 8 psi and enjoy the stiffness


The board is very rigid and stable thanks to the use of Double Layer technology


Provides excellent durability through the use of Drop Stitch Light Stringer technology


Bungee System

Fitted with an adjustable Bungee System luggage rack, it will allow you to transport large pieces of luggage safely

Carrying handle

The board has 13 sturdy neoprene grips around the perimeter so that it can be transported comfortably

Air valve

High-quality 2 valves surrounded by a rubber patch for a great look and better seal. 2 valves will make it easier to inflate the board even faster

Drop Stitch Light Technology

  1. Double Wall Fabric drop stitch core
  2. Light and printed tarpaulin layer
  3. First PVC rail layer
  4. Second PVC rail layer
  5. Machine-pressed EVA footpad

Included accessories

Carry Bag

2x Double Action Pump

5x Slide-in Center Fin


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Length (ft / cm) Width (in / cm) Thickness (in / cm) Volume (l) Max recommended load (kg) Weight (kg) Recommended pressure (psi) Fin box Discipline Kayak option
18'1 / 550 60'' / 152 8'' / 20 1400 650 27,5 8 Slide-in Team
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